$1400 Extra OAS 2024 – Know Payment Date & Eligibility Check

Canada Revenue Agency under the Department of Employment and Social Development of federal Government of Canada will release $1400 Extra OAS 2024 tentatively on 29th January, 2024 in which $1400 will be given to the candidates of age 65 or more than that who are retired and do not afford the inflated cost of the basic essentials of life. This article gives you a detailed information on $1400 Extra OAS 2024 Eligibility and application process of $1400 Extra OAS Payment 2024. 

$1400 Extra OAS 2024

$1400 Extra OAS 2024 is the pension scheme for the citizens of Canada who retired and are 65 years or more in age. Canada Revenue Agency is supposed to release the $1400 Extra OAS Payments 2024 on 29th January, 2023 if the beneficiaries fulfill all the $1400 Extra OAS 2024 Eligibility mentioned below in the article. $1400 is the amount to be received by the beneficiaries if they receive the decision letter from the authority or the candidates apply through the official website i.e. canada.ca. 

Canada.ca $1400 Extra OAS Payment Date 2024

Scheme Name$1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024
Headed by Federal Government of Canada
Department Department of Employment and Social Development 
Managed by Canada Revenue Agency 
Country Canada
Payment Amount$1400
$1400 Extra OAS Payment Date 202429th January, 2024 expected 
Age criteria65 years or more

Canada $1400 Extra OAS 2024 Eligibility

  • Applicants should be at least one month past their 65th birthday. 
  • Who are not receiving an $1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024 at that time, can apply for it in 2024.
  • Who have not applied for an $1400 Extra OAS 2024 and Department of Employment and Social Development of Canadian Federal Government is not reviewing your application at that time can apply for 2024 $1400 Extra OAS as one person can register and apply for only one time in the whole lifetime.
  • One should be a citizen of Canada.
  • Should be residing in Canada for at least 10 years from the age of 18 years.
  •  Should not have an authorized third party such as a proxy on your account.
  • My Service Canada Accounts (MSCA) are compulsory required by the Applicants.

Apply For $1400 Extra OAS 2024 @ canada.ca

Applicants who fulfill all the $1400 Extra OAS 2024 Eligibility, can follow the given steps to apply for the same. The application process of $1400 Extra OAS 2024 is a 6 step process after which the beneficiaries will receive the $1400 Extra OAS Payments 2024.

$1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024 Application Status

The Old Age Security (OAS) pension will be paid to the Applicants , by notifying them through letter. If you don’t receive the letter then you will need to apply for the $1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024 with accurate information.

$1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024

Before the application form, Applicants are provided with an option to select the date of starting of the $1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024. Usually the beneficiaries can start collecting the $1400 Extra Old Age Security at age 65 years i.e. month after your 65th Birthday but they can choose the ideal moment to start with $1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024.

Submit your Application

Once the date for the start of $1400 Extra Old Age Security 2024 is decided and beneficiaries did not receive the letter, they should apply online on the official website of Old Age Security 2024. Applicants needs to fill the application form with their personal information i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Gender etc, upload signature & photograph and submit the documents as the proof for the information.

Receive a response from us

The Canada Revenue Agency will send you a letter that includes either: 

  1. An Decision Letter 

Your decision letter will contain the following information in it:

  • The monthly sum that you will be paid
  • The time of your initial payment
  • Any outstanding debts owed to you
  1. A request for additional information

Review your Application Status

To check the status of your application you can: 

  1. Log into your My Service Canada Account(MSCA)
  2. Get in touch with service canada

You can create an MSCA account if you don’t already have one.

What To Do If you disagree with the decision?

You are entitled to a review of the decision  if you are not in agreement with it.

You have 90 days from the $1400 Extra OAS Payment Date 2024 you get your decision letter to submit a written request for this review.

How To Submit Application For $1400 Extra OAS 2024

Request for reconsideration can be made in one of three ways:


Make and online request with My Service Canada Account (MSCA)

Printable Form:-

Fill out the Request for Reconsideration of a Canada Pension Plan Disability Decision form (ISP-1145) and send it in to request reconsideration of canada pension plan. If you complete your request on paper, sign in and date your written request, send it in by mail to the return address listed on the decision letter, and submit face to face in a Service Canada office.


Prepare and submit a request for reconsideration of the decision, which contains 

  1. Name of the Beneficiaries
  2. Beneficiary’s address 
  3. Mobile number of Beneficiary
  4. Either Beneficiary’s client ID number or Social Insurance Number.
  5. Giving a thorough justification for your disagreement with the decision.
  6. Any fresh data that might influence the choice.
  7. The date and your signature.

You can send your mail or submit it personally in the Service Canada Office.

Depending on the circumstances, reconsiderations may take many months to finish. Service Canada will examine your application together with any updated data you send in support of your request and provide you a ( Fresh) decision by mail.

Canada $1400 Extra OAS Payments 2024

Age CriteriaNet Income of the candidatesMaximum Extra OAS Payment 2024
65 years to 74 years Less than $142,609 per yearTill $713.34
75 years and more Less than $148,179 per yearTill $784.67

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Frequently Asked Questions On $1400 Extra OAS 2024

What are the age criteria to apply for the $1400 Extra OAS 2024?

The age criteria to apply for the $1400 Extra OAS 2024 is 65 years or more than that.

What is the official website of $1400 Extra OAS 2024?

The official website of $1400 Extra OAS 2024 is canada.ca.

Who releases the $1400 Extra OAS Payment 2024 to the required candidates?

The Canada Revenue Agency releases the $1400 Extra OAS Payment 2024 to the required candidates.

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