$153 Carer Allowance 2024 – Centrelink Allowance Eligibility, Amount & Payment Date

The Government of Australia runs several programs in the country to provide ease to the citizens in which one of the major program is $153 Carer Allowance 2024. This program helps the parents in financial terms who are taking care of their child. As per Centrelink Carer Allowance Amount 2024, you will get $153 AUD Every fortnight in your respective account. Here in this post, you can find Australia Carer Allowance Eligibility 2024 after which you can proceed to claim the benefits.

$153 Carer Allowance 2024

A weekly social welfare payment known as “Carer’s Allowance” is given to caregivers of individuals who requires assistance due to age, disability or disease (including mental illness). In Australia, there are currently over 2.7 million unpaid carers, and over the next several years, this number is anticipated to increase. The two main types of government financial aid accessible to person who take on a caring duty are $153 Carer Allowance 2024 and Care Payment. 

Working with retirees as a financial planner, I see that many people are losing out on benefits because they are unaware of the resources available to them. Elderly couples frequently provide each other a lot of care but are unaware that they are also caregivers. They merely regard it as their marital obligation.

Centrelink Carer Allowance Amount 2024

ProgramCarer Allowance Australia
BeneficiariesResidents of Australia
Centrelink Carer Allowance Amount 2024$153
EligibilityIncome Less than $250,000
Payment DateEvery Fortnight

Australia Carer Allowance Eligibility 2024

Check the following points to know about Australia Carer Allowance Eligibility 2024.

  • The care recipient and caregiver comply with Australian residence requirements.
  • Daily care is being given (note: in certain situations, this may be split amongst caregivers).
  • The treating healthcare provider has given the lowest number of points that is necessary.
  • The caregiver earns less than $250,000 in adjusted taxable income.
  • The caregiver does not receive care themselves; that is, they are not receiving Carer Allowance.

It’s not necessary to live with the person you’re caring for, but if the caregiver does, they must demonstrate that they provide daily care for at least 20 hours a week. This can be done by comparing the claim form replies to the questions asked and the report from the treating healthcare provider.

Other variations include of:

  • It is necessary to offer “constant care,” which is described as care for a sizable portion of each day.
  • Other unpaid or paid carers cannot share their Carer Payment.
  • A caregiver is only allowed to work, study, or volunteer for a maximum of 25 hours per week, including transport time to and from those activities. However, once funds are received, the caregiver may use their respite balance to make up for weeks when they exceed the 25-hour limit—for instance, if they had to work overtime for a few days.
  • While Carer Allowance can be paid for up to two persons, Carer Payment is only available to you.
  • If the care recipient is not receiving a means-tested payment, they are further subject to an income and asset test. At the moment, their assets must be worth less than $836,750 annually and their income must be less than $135,640 before taxes. The reasoning for this is that a care recipient with more resources would be able to pay for in-home private care.

It is unusual that the qualifying score required for Carer Payment is lower than that for Carer Allowance, based on information from the caregiver questionnaire and the treating health professional.

Australia Carer Allowance Payment Date 2024

The Australia Carer Allowance Payment Date 2024 is scheduled on every fortnight.

  • In contrast to Carer Allowance, the qualifying score required for Carer Payment is surprisingly lower from the treating healthcare provider and the caregiver questions on the claim form.
  • Carer Allowance is meant to support and enhance a caregiver’s other sources of income. It is not intended to serve as their primary source of revenue. For most, the application process is worthwhile because the annual total—including the supplement amount—is approximately $4,500.
  • However, the Carer Payment is an Income Support Payment. In recognition of their incapacity to pursue significant job, training, or education because of their caregiving responsibilities, this payment is intended to serve as the primary source of income for caregivers. 
  • As a result, this payment is subject to means testing; the maximum payments for caregivers who are single are presently $1,096.70 each fortnight, while those who are in a relationship can receive $826.70. You receive payments that are comparable to the Age Pension, depending on your income and assets as well as those of your partner. Note that Carer Allowance is typically paid in addition to Carer Payment. This is the primary distinction between Carer Allowance and Carer Payment.

Process to Claim Australia Care Allowance 2024

You can Claim Australia Care Allowance 2024 using instructions below.

  • Create a myGov Account:
  • Create a myGov account and connect it to Centrelink if you don’t already have one. This will enable you to conduct online business management with them.
  • Verify Your Identity: You must provide identification before you can receive money or services. Ensure that the required paperwork is ready.
  • Fill out the Claim Form: When you’re prepared, fill out the Carer Allowance claim form. Throughout the procedure, you can also be requested for more information.

Recall that receiving the Carer Allowance is contingent upon fulfilling specific requirements, such as giving regular care and attention to an eligible individual. Your total adjusted taxable income must also be less than the threshold2. Go to the Services Australia website for additional information.

FAQs On $153 Carer Allowance 2024

If I work, can I still get Carer Allowance?

It is possible to get Carer Allowance while working, provided that you fulfill the eligibility requirements. However, the amount of Carer Allowance you receive may vary depending on your income. There are applicable income limitations and thresholds.

Is Carer Allowance subject to taxes?

No, the Carer Allowance is not subject to taxation.

Can I get Carer Allowance in addition to other payments?

Yes, depending on your circumstances, you can be eligible for additional payments like the Carer Supplement, Carer Payment, and other assistance payments. To properly understand your rights, it is advised that you speak with Centrelink or a financial counselor.

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