$1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 – Know SSDI Payment Date & Eligibility for Disabled

The $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 will be given to the individuals who are blind or non blind. The $1550 Social Security 2024 will be given to the ones who are not blind and $2590 Social Security 2024 will be given to the individuals who are blind and one must check the $1550-$2590/Month SS Eligibility 2024 to know if they could get the payment. The $1550-$2590/M SSDI Payment Date 2024 can be checked through the article given below. One must have a look at the post given below to know all the updates on the SSDI payment which will be given to the citizens.

$1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024

The Social Security Disability Insurance is the federal financial aid which is given as the monthly assistance to the disabled ones as the cost of living expenses. The Social Security Administration makes the adjustments to the Substantial Gainful Activity. The SSDI Payment Dates 2024 is given to those individuals who are suffering from any disability and the payment amount is given every month to the citizens.

The payments of $1550 per month is given to the ones suffering from disability who are not blind and $2590 is given to those who are blind. The ones who have the job covered by the Social Security and have the medical condition will be eligible for the payment of the SSDI. The monthly benefits of the $1550-$2590/M SSDI Payment 2024 is given to the ones who are unable to work for a year or more. 

Firstly, the individuals are advised to check the $1550-$2590/Month SS Eligibility 2024 to know if they could get the payment or not. The benefits to the individuals will continue until they can work again on a regular basis. The ones who are getting the SSDI benefits at the time of reaching the retirement age will get their disability benefits converted to the retirement benefits and the amount of the benefits will be the same. The benefits are not paid for partial disability or short-term disability. The post given below will provide all the details on the $1550-$2590/Month SS Eligibility 2024, payment amount and the SSDI Payment Dates 2024.

ssa.gov $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024

The individuals will get the Social Security benefits if they are suffering from disability. The individuals will get ssa.gov $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 based on their disability condition. The SSDI payment will be given if you are suffering from some form of disability. The table below will give the details on the payment which will be provided.

Article name $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024
Country United States of America 
Payment name Social Security Disability Insurance 
Organization name Social Security Administration 
COLA Increase Amount3.2%
Upcoming Payment date 14 February 2024
Amount of benefit USD 1550 per month for non blindUSD 2590 per month for blind
Payment mode Direct deposits 
SSDI Payment Dates 2024Schedule mentioned below 
Age limit More than 62 years 
$1550-$2590/Month SS Eligibility 2024Disabled ones 
Post type Finance
Website https://www.ssa.gov/ 

$1550-$2590 Social Security 2024

  • The payment of Social Security will be given to the individuals who are blind or the ones suffering from disability.
  • The benefit which the individuals will get is $1550 per month if they have a serious disability but are non blind.
  • The payment of $2590 per month will be given to those individuals who are blind.
  • To claim the ssa.gov $1550-$2950/M Social Security 2024, one can’t do work at Substantial Gain Activity level due to their medical condition.
  • A step by step procedure is used to determine if you qualify for the payment or not.

$1550-$2590/Month SS Eligibility 2024

To become eligible to get the benefits, the individual shall be unable to get themselves engaged in any Substantial Gain Activity (SGA). The one who is earning more than a certain amount is considered to work in SGA. The SSDI Payment Amount 2024 of monthly earnings which will be considered as SGA will depend upon the nature of the person’s disability. The Social Security Act gives a higher SGA amount for the blind individuals and the lower amount is given to the non blind individuals. 

SSDI Payment Amount 2024

The monthly SSDI Payment Amount 2024 which the blind individuals get is $2590. The non blind individuals will get $1550 as the monthly payment of the SGA amount. The SGA for  blind doesn’t apply to SSI benefits while SGA for non blind applies to Social Security and SSI benefits. The complete list of payments of each year can be checked through the website ssa.gov 

Decide About Qualifying Disability

  • The earnings guidelines is used to evaluate whether the work activity is SGA.
  • The condition must be severe which is not letting you do the basic work activities.
  • Your condition shall be found in the list of disabling conditions
  • Medical impairment shall prevent from performing any past work.
  • Check if you can do any other kind of work.

SSDI Payment Dates 2024

Month 2nd Wednesday 3rd Wednesday4th Wednesday 
February 202414/02/202421/02/202428/02/2024
March 202413/03/202420/03/202427/03/2024
April 202410/04/202417/04/202424/04/2024
May 20248/05/202415/05/202422/05/2024
June 202412/06/202418/06/202426/06/2024
July 202410/07/202417/07/202424/07/2024
August 202414/08/202421/08/202428/08/2024
September 202411/09/202418/09/202425/09/2024
October 20249/10/202418/10/202423/10/2024
November 202413/11/202420/11/202427/11/2024
December 202411/12/202418/12/202424/12/2024

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$1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024Substantial Gainful Activity 

Frequently Asked Questions on $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024

Who will get the ssa.gov $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 payment?

The ssa.gov $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 payment will be given to the individuals who are suffering from disability.

How much is the SSDI Payment Amount 2024 for blind individuals?

$2590 per month will be given to those individuals who are blind.

What is the SSDI Payment Amount 2024 for non blind individuals?

The non blind individuals will get $1550 per month.

From where can the details on $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 be checked?

To get the details on $1550-$2590/M Social Security 2024 one must check the website ssa.gov.

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