$970 Single Parent Payment 2024 – Check Benefits, Eligibility & Amount

Discover everything you need to know about the $970 Single Parent Payment for 2024. Learn about the benefits, eligibility criteria, and payment amount to ensure you receive the support you deserve.

To help so many parents in Australia who are solely raising their child till the age 14, the Department of Social Service  under the supervision of the Australian Government releases $970 Single Parent Payment 2024. The beneficiary parent, in 2024 will receive the amount of $970 along with $27 pension fees for raising their children alone and also the child whose both parents are present but their income source is very weak will also receive an amount of $686. You should check $970 Single Parent Payment Eligibility 2024 to claim the benefits of this program.

If the parents of the child are present but couldn’t participate in the process of raising the child due to some issues like illness, in divorce etc the primary caretaker will receive the amount of $802.50 after filing the $970 Single Parent Payment Application 2024. This article consists of all the other information related to Single Parent Payment Amount 2024 so keep reading.

$970 Single Parent Payment 2024

$970 Single Parent Payment 2024 organized by the Department of Social Service, Australian Government has started from 20th September, 2023 and is still going on. The beneficiaries can still apply for the $970 Single Parent Payment 2024 if they fulfill the eligibility criteria like the beneficiaries are those who are the sole caretaker for a child under the age of 8 to fourteen, or who are raising a child under the age of 6 with a partner and have extremely low incomes, assets, and the total incomes is below a certain limit. Additionally, the recipients must be Australian citizens or foreign nationals with permanent residency visas issued by the Australian government.

Single Parent Payment Benefits 2024

Scheme Name Single Parent Payment 
Organized byDepartment of Social Services 
Headed byGovernment of Australia 
Payment Mode Online
Payment Date 2023-2420th September 2023 to this day
Single Parent Payment Amount 2024$970
No. of beneficiaries 57000
Single Parent Payment Benefits 2024Help the Single Parents
Website my.gov.au

$970 Single Parent Payment Eligibility 2024

All the parents who are single handedly handling their child can apply for payment if they fulfill the following $970 Single Parent Payment Eligibility 2024

  • Beneficiaries are the only parent raising – child under the age of 8 to 14 years.
  • If the beneficiaries are raising a child under the age of 6 with a partner and have very low income.
  • Beneficiaries who are taking care of a child alone or along with a partner, have assets and total income is less than a certain amount.
  • Beneficiaries are an Australia citizen or an outsider with a permanent residency visa granted by the Australian Government.

$970 Single Parent Payment Application 2024

Once candidates have confirmed these eligibility facts, they can start submitting their claim through your MyGov account. The expedited steps listed below will help you finish the $970 Single Parent Payment Application 2024 process:

  • To apply for the $970 Single Parent Payment 2024, beneficiaries should first log in into their MyGov account. If they haven’t registered they need to provide proof of identity and prove that they are eligible for the payment and complete their registration process.
  • You may also be required to attach more documents like bank related documents which give details of the beneficiaries bank account in addition to providing your tax file number and financial details.
  • If the beneficiary is the caretaker of the child, he/she has to submit the residency and primary caretaker documents along with the income tax filed proof and birth certificate of the child.
  • Once all the documents are done and required information is provided, the beneficiary needs to click on submit, make a claim and wait for a response.
  • There’s a chance you won’t get the Parenting Payment immediately. Once you file your claim, you will usually have to wait about a week for it to start. There may be a brief period of time in some situations. 

Documents Required for Single Parent Payment 2024

To apply for the $970 Single Parent Payment 2024 the beneficiaries need the following documents:

  • Bank Account details
  • Tax File Number
  • Child’s Birth Certificate 
  • Divorce Agreement (If applicable)
  • Primary caretaker Agreement (If applicable)
  • Medical Certificates
  • Residency documents 

Single Parent Payment Amount 2024

Parents StatusSingle Parent Payment Amount 2024
Child is having temporary care and has a primary caretaker due to reasons like the parent being in a relationship & not officially married to each other, divorced, in jail for carrying out a crime, and the parent is sick due to serious issues.$802.50
Single parent due to some issues $970 in addition to $27.80 as pension payment amount 
Both the parent of child are present but have low income$686

Payment Mode of $970 Single Parent Grant 2023-24

Beneficiaries who have fulfilled all the eligibility criteria and applied for the $970 Single Parent Payment 2024 will receive the payment on the basis of the parent status through bank transfer. The authority of the Department of social Service, Australian Government during the application process collects the bank account details of the beneficiary to send the payment, which is verified first before the payment is done.

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FAQs On $970 Single Parent Payment 2024

What is the amount issued to the parents of the child under Single Parent Payment 2024?

Under Single Parent Payment 2024, $970 amount is issued to the parents of the child 

When is the amount of Single Parent Payment changed every year?

The amount of Single Parent Payment 2024 changes every year on 20th March and 20th September, 2024.

Who organized the $970 Single Parent Payment 2024?

The Department of Social Service under Government of Australia organized the $970 Single Parent Payment 2024. 

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