CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 – Know March 10, Claim Payment Date

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced the CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 has been released and this is for all those who have been affected by the breach. The CafePress Claim Payment Date 2024 is 10 March 2024. One can Apply for CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 through the website We have also mentioned the CafePress Claim Failure 2024 and the settlement was reached in 2022 after the company was accused of protecting the data which is very sensitive.

CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the CafePress Company which is an online shopping company. The FTC has announced that there will be a settlement with the merchandise platform CafePress in connection with the company’s failure to implement the security measures and the attempt will be to cover 2019 data breach. The settlement will need the CafePress to implement the data security program and pay $500,000 as the claim to the affected individuals. The complaint was filed where it was stated that the personal data of the individuals was being hacked. The company has failed to implement the reasonable measures to protect the data of the consumers and merchants which has been stored in the system. 

In 2018, the customer’s accounts were breached and the number of the servers were infected with malware and multiple CafePress employees were targeted by the phishing attempt. The FTC has later stated that despite having the knowledge, CafePress has failed to take the reasonable steps to detect and then prevent the incidents.

Now the reasons for the CafePress Claim Failure 2024 have been mentioned in this article below and you should read till the end to get all the updates. The CafePress has failed to properly investigate the breach for several months. As per the complaint, the CafePress has told the customers to reset the password as part of their password policy. The owner of the company is required to pay $500,000 to affected individuals. Now in this post we have mentioned all the details on the breach by which various individuals have been affected and the last date for the CafePress Settlement Form 2024 and when will the payment be given to them. CafePress Settlement Claim 2024

The citizens who were part of the breach will get the settlement amount once they submit the claim form by 10 March 2024. The CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 will be submitted online till the deadline only. Now the given post will guide you with all the details on the claim settlement.

Claim NameFTC CafePress Claim Form 2024
Organization Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Company name CafeFree 
CafePress Settlement Form 2024 Date10 March 2024
Claim mode Online 
Total settlement amount$500000 
Reason for breach Failure of security 
Post type Finance

CafePress Settlement Form 2024

  • The breach was conducted by the CafePress where the personal information of the customers were leaked as it was hacked.
  • The regulator has accused the company of storing the data of the customers and ignoring the security threats and failures which has led to breach in 2019 where the hacker has got access to the email address and password of the customers. 
  • Now the FTC has stated that CafePress Settlement Claim 2024 will be released which will help the customers to get the settlement money.
  • The company has also failed to investigate the source of the attacks and there have been several attacks like the malware infections which had occurred.
  • The terms of the settlement includes that the company would replace the inadequate authentication measures like the security questions. 

FTC CafePress Settlement Amount 2024

As part of the settlement, Residual Pumpkin, the former owner of the Company, is required to pay $500,000 to all the individuals who have been affected by the breach. The new owner of the Company, PlanetArt, is required to notify the individuals who have been affected and implement the comprehensive information security program. The company would be subject to the third party assessments of the information security program. 

FTC CafePress Claim Form 2024

The FTC has been sending the claim form to more than 184000 consumers whose Social Security number has been exposed in CafePress data breach. 

The CafePress has failed to use the reasonable measures of data security and has misled the users about the data security practices. The company has failed to share the important information with the users. If the information had been given earlier to the users, they would have helped the users to protect themselves. 

CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 Date

The last date for the Settlement Claim Form is 10 March 2024. The CafePress Settlement Form 2024 will be made available at and one has to submit the same through the website and has to be submitted till the due date only, the payment amount which one will get will depend upon various factors along with the number of people who will be filing for the claim. 

CafePress Information Lost 2024

  • The below mentioned information has been lost or exposed.
  • Social Security number
  • Login id and password
  • Debit or credit card details
  • Bank account information 
  • Driving license information 

FTC CafePress Failures 2024

  • Storing the customers personal information in readable text
  • Failure to implement the measures to protect the password
  • Failure to implement the process from third party
  • Failure to implement patch policies
  • Storing personal information indefinitely 
  • Failure to respond to security measures.

FTC CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024

  • Open the website on your device
  • A new page will open on your device
  • Now enter your claim number and then confirm the same
  • Enter the captcha code given on the screen
  • Once you click on next, the CafePress Settlement Form 2024m will be submitted and you shall then wait for the payment to be provided. 

CafePress Settlement Claim 2024 Payment Date

There has been no official confirmation regarding the payment date and the payment will be mailed in 2024. The mailing date for the payment has not been announced yet but is expected to be released soon after the FTC CafePress Claim Form 2024 has been sent. CafePress Settlement Claim 2024 Links

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Frequently Asked Questions on CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024

What is the FTC CafePress Claim Form 2024?

The FTC CafePress Claim Form 2024 is the form which has to be filled to get the settlement money.

How much will the owner give under the CafePress Settlement Claim 2024?

The owner will give $500,000 under the CafePress Settlement Claim 2024.

What is the last date to complete the CafePress Settlement Claim 20244?

10 March 2024 is the last date for the CafePress Settlement Claim 2024.

From where can the details on the CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 be checked?

The details on the FTC CafePress Settlement Claim Form 2024 can be checked through

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