Canada Attendance Allowance 2024 – Know Eligibility, Rates & Benefits

The Canada Attendance Allowance is given to the individuals who are facing the problem due to the disability and it is not allowing them even work. The ones who need a caregiver to assist them in their day to day activities will be benefited from the Attendance Allowance Canada. The citizens must first check the Canada Attendance Allowance Eligibility and shall check the Process on How to Apply for Attendance Allowance. The Attendance Allowance Rates have been mentioned in this article. If you are among those who need the financial assistance to pay to the caregiver due to the disability you have, you must have a look at this complete article and collect all the necessary details.

Canada Attendance Allowance

The Canada Government has been providing financial assistance to the citizens of the Country to support them with the money which could help them in the times of their issues. The citizens may need the retirement pension as they are unable to work more and they need money to earn their livelihood. One such benefit is the Attendance Allowance which is given to the individuals who are suffering from disability and they need a caregiver to assist them in their day to day activities.

The attendance allowance will cover the cost of hiring the caregiver and the amount which one will get will be based on the care you will need. The amount one is entitled to get will be based on the care you will require, be it occasional or full time supervision. 

The individuals shall check the Canada Attendance Allowance Eligibility to know who will be getting the benefit to pay the assistance to the caregiver. The individuals shall know that you will have to apply for the attendance allowance if you have a disability pension of 1% or more and are totally disabled. The individuals will have to apply for the attendance allowance and one can apply for the same through the My VAC Account.

You can even download the application form and either send in person or mail it to the given mail address. The amount of the allowance will be given on the basis of the Grade from 1 to 5 that will reflect the nature of the disability. In this post we have provided the complete details on the benefits which the citizens are entitled to get. Attendance Allowance

The Citizens of Canada who are suffering from a disability condition are entitled to get the Canada Attendance Allowance as they need the caregivers assistance in their activities. The attendance allowance will help to cover the cost of hiring the caregiver Tax Credit to assist them and the following post will guide through the details on the allowance.

Organization Canada Government 
Country name Canada 
Benefit name Canada Attendance Allowance 
Canada Attendance Allowance EligibilityOnes suffering from disability and they need a caregiver 
Amount of Payment Mentioned below 
Payment objective To give assistance to ones who need caregiver 
Payment mode Online 
Post type Finance

Attendance Allowance Canada

  • The citizens of Canada who are having a disability condition and they are needing the help of a caregiver will get the Canada Attendance Allowance.
  • The Attendance Allowance will be given if you have 1% or more of the disability or you are totally disabled.
  • To apply for the allowance, one needs to check it through the My CAC portal.
  • The allowance will be given for the assistance to be given to the caregiver who you may hire occasionally or daily.
  • The payment will be transferred to your bank account directly on the given date and you must check your bank accounts to know if you have got the payment or not.

Canada Attendance Allowance Eligibility

  • You will get the Allowance if you fall under the below said eligibility. 
  • You have the disability pension either 1% or more or getting the Prisoner of War Compensation.
  • You are totally disabled and it is not important if your condition is related to service or not.
  • You need assistance with the activities regarding your daily living. 
  • If you are having the above said situations, you will be called as being eligible to get the payment.

How to Apply for Canada Attendance Allowance

  • If you have registered for My VAC Account you can submit the application benefit through the online method.
  • If you have not registered, you will have to first register through the website 
  • You also have the provision to send the application through the mail.
  • The individual can go to the office of VAC and they can complete the application formalities there.
  • You can download the form through the official website and then complete the same.

Attendance Allowance Grades

Grades Attendance Allowance Amount

Clothing Allowance Rates

Grade Clothing Allowance Amount

Veterans Disability Pension 

Class Single Spouse One child Second child Each other child 

Veterans War Allowance 

Particulars Rate 
Survivor $1952.97
Blind survivor $2022.90
Veteran with spouse $2876.18
Veteran with spouse both blind $2945.89
Additional amount for dependant child $298.69
Orphan $894.97

Additional Pain Suffering

Grades Rate 

Education Training Benefits

Years of service Amount 
6 years $48274.88
12 years $96549.95 Attendance Allowance Links

Canada Attendance Allowance Attendance Allowance

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Attendance Allowance 

What is the Attendance Allowance?

The Attendance Allowance Canada is the benefit given to the citizens who need a caregiver to assist.

What is the purpose of Canada Attendance Allowance?

The major purpose of Attendance Allowance Canada is to give the monetary benefit to the ones who are hiring the caregiver to take care of them.

Who is eligible for the Attendance Allowance Canada?

The ones having the disability of 1% or more is the Canada Attendance Allowance Eligibility.

What are the rates as per the grades under the Canada Attendance Allowance?

The rates as per the grades under the Attendance Allowance Canada can be checked through the article given above.

Through which portal can one check the details on the Canada Attendance Allowance?

The details on the Canada Attendance Allowance can be checked through the website

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