Canada Average Income 2024 – Know About Every Household Earns

The Canadian Economy is the largest in the world and it will reach the highest amount in 2026. The Canada Average Income 2024 ranges from $54600 to $105000. The salary will depend on the type of the job, experience and the skills of the employees. The Canada Household Income 2024 can be checked through the tables given below in the post. The Canada Average Income Province Wise 2024 can be checked through the given post.

Canada Average Income 2024

The citizens of Canada are getting the basic income for their livelihood. They have been getting the benefits for the job they are in. The minimum wage rate is $16.65 per hour and it gets increased at the time of the inflation. The ones who have applied for the job in Canada will be getting the Minimum Wage when they start their work. During the long weekend, the pay rate will be provided to the individuals which is known Stat pay. The Government has the right to increase or decrease the wage rate in Canada as per the requirements. 

The hourly rate is given to the employees on the legal basis and as per the survey 43% companies are planning to increase the average salary of the person. Certain sectors are still planning to increase the wage rate but there is no confirmation for the same. 

You must check the tables given below in this post to know the Canada Household Income 2024 as per the province or as per the jobs. 

Canada Average Income Province Wise 2024

Canada Average Income Province Wise 2024Minimum wages 
Yukon $16.77
Saskatchewan $14.25
Alberta $15
Manitoba $15.25
British Columbia $16.50
Quebec $15.25
Prince Edward island $15
Nunavut $16
Ontario $16.50
Northwest Territories $16
New Brunswick $14.5
Newfoundland and Labrador $15
Nova Scotia $15

The minimum wage rate is $14.25 for Saskatchewan and the second maximum Canada Workers Benefit is for Ontario. The highest wage rate is $16.77 per hour for Yukon. 

Average Income Canada 2024 Job Wise

Job title Description Salary 
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology secretary is growing and it offers job prospects for electrical engineers $71358 annually 
Computer Engineering Technologies Tech giants hire computer engineers in big numbers regularly $78424 annually
Nursing Nursing is the most promising careers in present times $54674 annually
Software Developer IT firms have a skilled and experienced software developers $68476 annually
IT Business Analysts Tech giants hire individuals for IT Business Analyst $67088 annually 
Data Science Data science offers high paying career $54800 to $112300 annually 
Network Engineer Remote working has caused the rise in demand for network $72223 annually 
Recruitment specialist Recruitment specialist have to work on staffing and talent acquisition $48636 annually 
HR managerThe opportunities of HR are vast in Canada $71773 annually
Sales manager The manager is the senior leader and have the global brands considering the skilled ones  $63120 annually
Operation Manager The one who is employed in production of goods and services $70874 annually
Surgeon Medicine is one top paying sectors $195418 annually 
Finance manager Managerial positions are lucrative $79193
Lawyer Professional are the lawyers who are most in demand $76772

Canada Salary Range 2024

The salary in Canada ranges from $30200 to $534000. 

Salary with Experience

  • One will get 32% of the rise in wages when you have worked for 2 to 5 years.
  • There will be a 36% rise in salary if you have worked 5 to 10 years.
  • There will be a 21% rise in salary if you have experience of 10 to 15 years.
  • If you have worked for 15 to 20 years there will be a rise for 14%
  • If you have worked for more than 20 years you will get a 9% rise.

Salary With Education Level

  • One will get a 17% hike in salary after getting High School and a certificate or Diploma course.
  • 24% hike will be given to ones who have completed Bachelor’s Degree
  • There will be 29% rise after one has completed the master’s degree
  • 23% rise will be given to the PhD Holders.

Highest Paying Jobs 2024 In Canada

The employees in Canada are expected to have a rise in income of 9%. The increase can vary from individual to individual. The payment amount depends upon the performance of the citizen and the contribution to the organization. 

The energy and natural resources, finance and insurance and technical services are the highest paid jobs in Canada.

Job name Canada Household Income 2024
Mining, oil and gas extraction $113506
Utilities $101531.04
Finance and Insurance $76483
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services $76077.56
Public Admin$75799.88

Canada Average Salary 2024 Rates

Region Salary per hour Salary per week Salary per year 
Saskatchewan $45.35$1701$88428
Quebec $29.49$1106$57506
Alberta $38.07$1428$74237
Ontario $32.50$1219$63369
Nova Scotia $29$1088$56550

Canada Average Salary vs Median Salary 2024

The average salary is the total income which is earned by the individuals for a number of positions. The median salary is the income which is in the middle of the salaries for any profession. The maximum salary for Canada is $534000 and the median salary is $112000. 50% of the individuals are earning more than the median salary and 50% are earning less than it. 

In case you are earning a very high amount, it means that you are earning really well and there can be scope for future improvement. 

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Canada Average Income 

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Average Income 2024

What is the main difference in the Average and Median salary 2024?

The average salary is the total income while the median salary is the middle of the salaries.

What is the minimum Canada Average Income 2024?

The minimum Average Income 2024 of Canada is $16.65 per hour.

Who is meaning the highest Canada Average Income Province Wise 2024?

The ones working in the energy fields earn the highest Canada Average Income Province Wise 2024.

Which province gets the highest Average Income 2024 of Canada?

Yukon gets the highest Canada Average Income 2024 of $16.77.

What is the average salary in Canada?

The salary in Canada will be from $30200 to $534000.

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