Canada Dental Benefits For Seniors in 2024 – CRA Eligibility, Amount, How to Apply

The Canadian Government is engaged in providing financial support to the people of Canada. Another such support is the Canada Dental Benefits where the individuals are provided with the low dental costs. To be able to get the benefit, one has to fall under the CRA Canada Dental Benefits Eligibility. One must check the website if they wish to Apply Online Canada Dental Benefits. To get the benefit, one has to have an income of less than $90000. Now the individuals must read this complete post to know how to apply and CRA Canada Dental Benefits Payment. You can also have access to the direct link to apply under the scheme through this post. 

Canada Dental Benefits

As we have read earlier that the Canadian Government is engaged in providing numerous benefits to the citizens of the state. Another such benefit which is included is known as the Canada Dental Benefits where the individuals will be provided with a low dental costs. The scheme is for all those who are not able to afford the dental treatment as well as the insurance. $650 is provided as the benefit for each of the eligible persons who have applied under the scheme.

The benefit will be provided to all those who have their income less than $90,000 and the parents as well as Guardians both can apply for the scheme provided they are providing dental care for the child who is less than 12 years. 

The ones who are eligible shall Apply for Canada Dental Benefits through the website One who fulfills all the requirements is eligible to apply under this scheme the benefit amount will vary for the shared custody of the child and the full custody. As per the income requirements you will get the CRA Canada Dental Benefits. All the detailed instructions along with the link for the application has been provided in this article below. Make sure you have no private dental insurance plan in order to apply for the scheme.

CRA Dental Benefits for Seniors

The Canada Revenue Agency will be providing benefits to the individuals under the CRA Dental Benefits for Seniors by providing them assistance of $650 per year and the benefit will be provided for 2 years. The table below will guide you with the details on the financial support which will be provided for the ones whose age is less than 12 years.

Scheme name Canada Dental Benefits 
Authority Canada Health Department 
Administration Canada Revenue Agency 
Objective Provide the dental expenses for the child 
Beneficiaries Adults, children 
Age limit Less than 12 years 
Requirements Income shall be less than $90000 per annum 
CRA Dental Benefit Payment Amount$650 per year 
Maximum payment 2 payments 
Last date to apply CRA Dental Benefits for Seniors30 June 2024
Payment mode Online 
Taxable No 
Post type Finance

CRA Canada Dental Benefits

  • The Citizens of Canada whose family income is less than $90000 will be eligible to get the benefit under the scheme
  • The Dental Benefits is provided to all those whose child is less than 12 years of age.
  • A maximum of 2 payments per child will be available and the payments will be available for the maximum amount of $650.
  • The applications for the Canada Dental Benefits will be open till 30 June 2024.
  • One must ensure that they don’t have any Private medical plan or health insurance if they are applying under the scheme.

Canada Dental Benefits Eligibility

Check the CRA Canada Dental Benefits Eligibility in order to apply for the scheme.

  • The child must be born on or after 2 July 2011 and have to be 12 years or less.
  • The beneficiary shall not have an access to the private dental insurance plan
  • The dental costs of the child shall not be fully covered by any other dental program
  • You shall be the only parent getting the Canada Child Benefit for the child
  • The 2022 year taxes must be filed
  • You shall have the adjusted gross income of $90000 or less
  • If you have more than one child then you need to check the eligibility for all the children.

CRA Dental Benefit Payment Amount

Check the table below to know the payment you will get for the eligible child. The payment provided under the CRA Dental Benefit Payment Amount is non taxable. 

Income CRA Dental Benefit Payment Amount (Full custody of child)Shared custody 
Less than $70000$650$325
$70000 to $79999$390$195
$80000 to $89999$260$130
$90000 or above Not eligible Not eligible

In case your CRA Dental Benefit Payment Amount is more than $650 over a period of time, you will get the benefit known as the additional payment. 

Canada Dental Benefits Payment Processing Time

The payment under the Canada Dental Benefits Payment Processing is provided in 2 ways: through direct deposits and through Mail.

Check the table below to know the processing time for each of the payments.

Payment mode Processing time 
Direct deposits Direct deposits will take 2 to 3 days for payment 
By mail A mailed cheque will be provided within 10 business days 

Apply Online Canada Dental Benefits

  • Open the website on your device.
  • Now look for the Apply Online Canada Dental Benefits and click on the same.
  • First check whether you are eligible to apply or not.
  • You can apply either through your phone or through the online mode
  • If you are applying through online mode, you must login to the CRA account.
  • You can click on the link given on the website if you are applying through Phone.
  • You must later keep your dental receipts for a period of 6 years in case the CRA needs to validate the eligibility.

Requirements for CRA Canada Dental Benefits

  • Childrens Name
  • Home Address
  • Dental Appointment letter
  • Name of dental provider with address and phone number
  • Social Insurance number
  • Employer’s name
  • Spouse employer name Dental Benefits Link

Canada Dental Benefits Check Here

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Dental Benefits Payment Amount

What are Dental Benefits?

The CRA Dental Benefits is the low cost of the Dental checkup which is provided to the eligible individuals.

What is the payment to be provided under Canada Dental Benefits?

The benefit under the CRA Canada Dental Benefits is $650 per year.

How many payments will be provided under the Canada Dental Benefits?

2 payments will be provided to the Citizens under the Canada Dental Benefits.

What is the income under Canada Dental Benefits?

To get the payment under the Canada Dental Benefits one has to have an income of less than $90,000.

How can one Apply Online Canada Dental Benefits?

Through the steps mentioned above in the post, one can Apply Online Canada Dental Benefits through the website 

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