Canada Greener Homes Grants 2024 – Eligible Retrofits, Documents Required

The Canada Greener Homes Grants is to help the Canadians make their life more efficient. The Grants are provided by Natural Resources Canada and Enbridge Gas in Ontario. The Canada Greener Homes Grant Benefits include home insulation, windows and doors. The individual should check the Canada Greener Home Grants Eligibility before they proceed towards the application. The steps on How Canada Greener Grants Work is also mentioned in this article. One can refer to this article to get the complete updates on the grants which are provided to the individuals. 

Canada Greener Homes Grants

The Canada Revenue Agency and the Natural Resources Canada and Enbridge Gas are providing grants to the individuals to make their life energy efficient. The main objective of Canada Greener Homes is to make the homeowners get the benefit by saving money and creating various new jobs across Canada for energy advisors and helps to fight climate change. The Grants are provided from $125 to $5000 to get the portion of the costs for the home profits back. $600 is provided towards the total costs of pre and post retrofit evaluations. 

The Greener Home Grants are provided to the individuals who is not a landlord and doesn’t own a property or rent it. The process of the Canada Greener Home Grants Application can be checked through the post given below. The Canada Greener Home Grants Eligibility and all other details regarding the Canada Greener Home Grants Quebec has been given in the article below. Now one must read the complete article to get all the updates regarding the Greener Home Grants. Greener Home Grants

The Canada Greener Home Grants is provided to the citizens of Canada to enable them to live in a more energy efficient way. The individuals need to check the Canada Greener Home Grants Eligibility before they apply for the grants. The table below provides you with the details on the grants which will be provided soon.

Grants name Canada Greener Homes Grants 
Country Canada 
Home Retrofits benefit $125 to $5000
Maximum contribution $600
Grants mode Online 
Post type Finance

Canada Greener Home Grants Eligibility

  • The below mentioned individuals are Ineligible for the Canada Greener Grants.
  • If you are a landlord and rent any property
  • If you are a renter
  • If you have completed the retrofits without getting the EnerGuide home evaluation
  • If the home was built less than 6 months ago.
  • You have not moved into your home due to renovation.

Canada Greener Home Grants Application for Quebec

  • Open the renoclimat webpage to register yourself
  • Prioritize your renovations by having a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation
  • Consult for the Renovation Upgrade report
  • You will get the documents sent to you by the energy advisor through mail
  • Get your funding completed from Renoclimat
  • Once the file is transferred to NRCan, you will be notified regarding the same’
  • Send to NRCan all the documents and they will contact you through email
  • You’re all set now to enjoy the benefits of Canada Greener Grants.

Tips to Send Documents to NRCan

  • Below mentioned are the Tips with which you can send the documents to NRCan.
  • Firstly mention your name and Canada Greener Home Grants Application number in the email subject line
  • Reduce the size of your file attachment by zipping them all all together.
  • Check your spam folder, in case you have not got the mail `
  • If the mail is in the spam, mark it as not junk which will further provide all the mails in the junk.

Ontario Greener Home Grants Application

Check the steps below for the Ontario New Homeowners journey as applicants.

  • Go to Enbridge Web Page to get started
  • Prioritize your Renovation using Energuide evaluation
  • Apply for Canada Greener Home Loans
  • Get your renovation upgrade report. 
  • The energy advisor will send you the confirmation through email
  • You will be provided with the benefits and savings of a greener home. 

Canada Greener Home Initiative

  • The below mentioned are the features under the Greener Home Grants.
  • The Grants from $125 to $5000 is provided get the cost back for the home retrofits’
  • The retrofit benefit is provided Up to $600 
  • The $40000 is the Interest Free Loan which is to be repaid in 10 years. 
  • The check for the grant will be provided to you by email within 30 days.

Canada Greener Homes Grants Retrofits Not Eligible

  • Any retrofit done before the pre-retrofit evaluation
  • Retrofits done before 1 December 2020
  • Leased or rented equipment
  • Air conditioners
  • Sky lights
  • Storage water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers 
  • Roofs Homes Grants Eligible Retrofits

  • Home insulation up to $5000
  • Air sealing up to $1000
  • Windows and door up to $5000
  • Thermostat up to $50
  • Renewable energy up to $5000
  • Space and water heating up to $5000
  • Resiliency measures up to $2652
  • Low rise multi units residential buildings Greener Home Grants Links

Canada Greener Homes Grants Canada Greener Homes Grant

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Greener Homes Grants

What is the benefit of Greener Home Grants?

The benefit of Greener Home Grants Canada is to let the individuals make their lives energy efficient.

How much of the Canada Greener Home Grants is provided to individuals?

The Grants from $125 to $5000 are provided to get the cost back for the home retrofits.

Who is eligible to get the Greener Home Grants?

The ones who are not the owners, ones who have not rented the property, and ones whose house was not built 6 months ago are eligible to get the grants.

Which are Canada Greener Homes Grants Retrofits Not Eligible?

Mentioned below are Canada Greener Homes Grants Retrofits Not Eligible:- Any retrofit done before the pre-retrofit evaluation, Retrofits done before 1 December 2020, Leased or rented equipment, Air conditioners etc.

From where can the individuals check the details on the Canada Greener Home Grants?

The individuals can check the details on the Canada Greener Home Grants through the website

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