Canada Long Weekend List 2024 – Pay Rate, Stat Pay & Holiday List

The Government of Canada has declared all the statutory holidays for the year 2024. The Canada Long Weekend List 2024 has been released and the employees are also given the pay for these statutory holidays. The Canada Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024 depends upon various states of Canada. Each state will be making their own pay rate and the Canada Long Weekend Stat Pay 2024 Rules are different.

We have decided to bring for you the Canada Long Weekend Holidays 2024 which will guide you through the plans you can make during these holidays. The Pay rate and Stat Pay will help you to evaluate the pay which you will get during the public holidays. Now to get all the details regarding the pay rules and other information about the holidays etc. you are advised to go through this post mentioned below completely.

Canada Long Weekend List 2024

Year 2023 is about to end and it’s time to welcome the New Year 2024.  New Year will bring about various celebrations and especially for those living in Canada. The Citizens of Canada will enjoy Public Holidays with long weekends. This year, the public holidays are falling on a day before or after the weekend. People often look at the Holidays calendar so that they can make their plans accordingly and they can even get the details on the pay rates. The Public Holidays include: New Years, Remembrance Day, Civic Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving Day and various others. We have provided the complete list of the Long Weekend List 2024.

Citizens are provided with the benefit that in case they work on a public holiday, they will be given their wage rate equal to 1.5% of the basic wage rate for that particular day. The ones who will be working on that given date can take a day off on any weekday as well. Basically, people come together on streets to enjoy several days and usually they take a day off but this time the holidays are coming with weekend days which has made the Citizens even more excited. The people think that if they get the complete list of the holidays, they can plan their weekend accordingly.

So, in this article we have mentioned the complete list of the Canada Long Weekend List 2024 along with the Pay rates of different states which will be provided to the citizens. You are advised to have a look at the given post to get the updates on the Tax Changes in Canada 2024.

Canada Long Weekend Holidays 2024

The Citizens of Canada have been waiting for the list for the Long Weekend which has now been released officially on the website. The Canada Long Weekend Holidays 2024 will begin from 1 January 2024. The table below will take you towards the guide on the long weekend list for Canada.

Organization Canada Revenue Agency 
Topic name Canada Long Weekend Holidays 2024
Country Canada 
Observed by Canadian Citizens 
Applicable in provinces All 
Holidays New Year, Good Friday, Easter day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing and others 
Total long weekend 11
CelebrationsVacations, street functions etc 
Pay rate Mentioned below 
Canada Stat Pay Rate 2024Mentioned Below
Holiday list Mentioned below 
Post type Finance

Long Weekend 2024 in Canada

  • The upcoming year will bring about a huge number of Holidays which will be witnessed with weekends. 
  • These holidays may include: Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and various others
  • The celebrations can be witnessed in all the states of Canada like Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba etc.
  • The offices are closed on the day of Canada Long Weekend 2024 as it is a public holiday.
  • If anyone wishes to work on this day, they will be paid for the same and the Companies will follow the Stat Pay rule for the payment towards these holidays.

Canada Long Weekend Schedule 2024

Have a look at the given table to get the details on the Canada Long Weekend Schedule 2024.

Event Date Day 
New Year’s Day 1 January 2024Monday 
Good Friday 29 March 2024Friday 
Easter Monday 1 April 2024Monday 
Victoria Monday 20 May 2024Monday 
Canada Day 1 July 2024Monday 
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day24 June, 2024Sunday
Civic Holiday 5 August 2024Monday 
Labour Day 2 September 2024Monday 
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 30 September 2024Monday 
Thanksgiving Day 14 October 2024Monday 
Remembrance Day 11 November 2024Monday 
Christmas Day 25 December 2024Wednesday 
Boxing Day 26 December 2024Thursday 

Canada Long Weekend Stat Pay 2024 Rules

  • The below mentioned are the Long Weekend List 2024 Stat Pay Rules.
  •  Pay for Working on Public Holiday: the ones who will work on Public Holiday will get 1.5 times of regular hourly rate for all the hours worked. 
  • Public Holiday Pay: the employees will get 5% of wages in 28 days before a public holiday.
  • Overtime a Week on Public Holiday: if any employee is working overtime, they will get the overtime after working for more than 10 hours.

Canada Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024

Check the table below for the Province Wise Canada Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024 while working on weekends.

Province name Canada Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024 when worked Canada Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024 when not worked 
British Columbia For the first 12 hours: Pay will be Time and a Half and for the working above 12 hours will be double time along with daily wage Average day pay rate 
Alberta Daily wage + 1.5 times of daily wage rate for each hour worked Or
Pay the employee at least the wage rate and give one day leave which has to be a working day
Average day pay rate 
Saskatchewan Public holiday pay + 1.5 times of hourly wage rate Public holiday pay is 5% of the wages where wages includes: vacation pay and public holiday pay 
Manitoba General Holiday Pay + 1.5 times of hourly wage rate for hours worked General pay is given 
Ontario Public holiday pay plus premium pay for hours worked Or Regular pay for hours worked plus another day off Public holiday amount which employee is entitled 
Quebec Regular wages along with indemnity Or regular wages plus day off Indemnity is 1/20 wages less OT in last 4 weeks For Commission employees the indemnity is 1/60 of wages earned in previous 12 weeks 
New Brunswick 1.5 times of regular wage rate for each hour worked Regular pay 
Nova Scotia Holiday pay plus regular wage rate for hours worked Regular pay rate 
Prince Edward Island Normal rate plus 1.5 times of regular wage rate for each hour workedOr Regular wage with another day off Regular pay rate 
Newfoundland Twice the regular pay or day off within 30 days. Employees Choice Regular pay rate and if the holiday is on a normal day off then the next working day is a holiday. 
Northwest Overtime pay Or Substitute holiday which is not later than next annual vacation  Regular salary is paid 
Yukon Overtime rate for all hours worked Or Regular wage rate for hours worked on holiday Regular hourly wage rate is paid 
Nunavut Basic rate plus 1.5 times of basic pay Or shall be given holiday which is not later than next annual vacation  Normal wage rate is paid to the employees

What Happens if Statutory Holiday is Already Day Off?

There may be cases when a statutory holiday may be a day off for the employees like it is a sunday or saturday which is already a non working day. In such a case, the employees will get an immediate next day off.

Just for a Case: if thanksgiving day is on Sunday, then Monday will be called a day off to compensate for the holiday. Long Weekend List 2024 Links

Canada Long Weekend List 2024Check List

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Long Weekend List 2024

How many Canada Long Weekend Holidays 2024 are there?

There are 11 long weekends in 2024 in Canada.

What is Canada’s Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024?

The Long Weekend Pay Rate 2024 is 1.5 of the basic pay for every hour worked.

What is the Canada Long Weekend List 2024?

The Long Weekend List 2024 can be checked through the table given above.

How much is the public holiday pay in Canada?

The Public Holiday Pay is like if the employees will get 5% of wages in 28 days before a public holiday.

What will happen if a statutory holiday is already a day off?

In case the statutory holiday is already a day off, the next day will be called as a day off. 

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