Disability Benefits January 2024 – CRA $300 Payment Release Date

The Canada Revenue Agency is providing the disability benefit to the citizens who are having any sort of disability. The CRA has created a new bill named as the C-22 for the Canada Disability Benefits 2024. One who is suffering from any sort of disability will fall under the Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Eligibility. The application will start once you have been called as being eligible. The individuals will be able to check the Disability Benefits January 2024 through the article given below. The payment will be given on the 20th day of each month and one can check the Canada Disability Benefit Payment Date 2024 through the article given below. 

Disability Benefits January 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been able to provide a numerous of the benefits to the citizens of Canada where the individuals less than 65 years are benefited the most. The benefits are provided like the Canada Pension Plan 2024, Old Age Security Plan 2024 and one such benefit is the Canada Disability Benefit 2024. The ones who are of age 65 years or less or the children below 18 years who are suffering from disability will get the benefit. The bill C-l 22 will soon be implemented and will bring a new benefit to the citizens.

The bill will help the low income group families by providing them with financial assistance. The disability benefit is given to the ones who suffer from any sort of mental or physical impairment. 

The canada.ca Disability Benefit 2024 Eligibility is the major factor which has to be checked before they proceed with the online application. The disability benefit will reduce poverty as it will provide $300 per month in order to support the families. The ones who have contributed towards the Canada Pension Plan and are of age less than 65 years can apply for the program. The benefit will be released on the 20th day of each month. The details regarding the eligibility and Disability Benefits Amount January 2024 dates have been mentioned in this post. This plan will give financial assistance to the ones who need money for their survival. 

canada.ca Disability Benefits January 2024

All the citizens of Canada who are dealing with mental or physical impairment will get the Disability Benefits January 2024. The ones who are of age less than 65 years or children below 18 years will get the benefit. The given table will provide you with a guide on the benefits in case of mental or physical disorder.

Benefit name Disability Benefit 
Agency Canada Revenue Agency 
Country Canada 
Year 2024
Benefit given to Give benefit to the ones suffering from disability 
Canada Disability Benefit 2024 EligibilityOnes suffering from disability and having age of 65 years or less 
Disability Benefits Amount January 2024$300 per month 
Payment mode Online 
Payment frequency Monthly 
Other disability benefit Veteran Disability Benefit 
Post type Finance
Website www.canada.ca

Canada Disability Benefits 2024

  • After the royal assent, Bill C-22 became law in June 2023 which is for the disability benefits.
  • The new bill is under process and will be implemented soon and will be active from April 2024. 
  • There are still various factors which are yet to be confirmed regarding the Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Eligibility and the cost of benefits.
  • One will get the canada.ca Disability Benefits 2024 every month of 20th.
  • The details regarding each month Disability Benefits Amount January 2024 can be checked through the article below

Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Eligibility

  • The monthly payment will be given to those who fall under the canada.ca Disability Benefit January 2024. 
  • The individuals shall be Canadian Citizens. 
  • The citizens shall be of age less than 65 years. 
  • You must have made contributions to the CPP.
  • You are suffering from any mental or physical disability which restricts one from doing any sort of work.
  • Your disability is long term and can lead to death even.

Canada Child Disability Benefits 2024

The Canada CDB 2024 is the tax free Disability Benefits Amount January 2024 which is given to the families who are having a child less than 18 years of age and the child is having the prolonged impairment. The ones who are eligible for the Canada Child Benefit and disability tax credit will get the benefit. In case you are getting the Canada Child Benefit, you don’t have to apply for the Disability benefits as you will automatically be eligible. 

Canada Veterans Disability Benefit 2024

The benefit is available to the Canadian Armed Force members. The ones who have a diagnosed medical condition or disability will be given the benefit. The ones who wish to apply for the Canada Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 will have to register through the My VAC Account. 

The payment dates can be checked through the given tabular form. 

Month Disability Benefits Payment Date 2024
January 202430-1-2024
February 202427-2-2024
March 202430-3-2024
April 202427-4-2024
May 202430-5-2024
June 202428-6-2024
July 202430-7-2024
August 202429-8-2024
September 202426-9-2024
October 202430-10-2024
November 202428-11-2024
December 202430-12-2024

Canada Disability Benefit 2024 Payment 

The table below will guide you for the Disability Benefits January 2024 Amount.

Benefit name Disability Benefits Amount January 2024
Canada disability benefit $1132.71
Canada post retirement disability benefit $558.74
Canada Children’s Benefit  $281.72

Disability Benefits January 2024

The benefit for the month of January 2024 will be given on 19th January 2024. Basically the payment date is the 20th of each month but since the 20th is a holiday, one will get the Disability Benefits Payment Date 2024 on the previous day.

Check the table below to know the dates on the Disability benefit for the individuals.

Month Disability Benefits Payment Date 2024
January 202419-1-2024
February 202420-2-2024
March 202420-3-2024
April 202419-4-2024
May 202420-5-2024
June 202420-6-2024
July 202419-7-2024
August 202420-8-2024
September 202420-9-2024
October 202418-10-2024
November 202420-11-2024
December 202420-12-2024

Claim Disability Benefits January 2024

  • Open the website canada.ca on your device.
  • On the homepage, click on the Disability Benefits link.
  • Now click on Apply Online Button.
  • Look for the disability benefits option and proceed further
  • You must submit the form and then wait for the approvals.
  • If your application gets approved, you will get the benefits.

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Disability Benefits January 2024Disability Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions on Disability Benefits January 2024

What is the Disability Benefits January 2024 Date?

The individuals will get the Canada Disability Benefits January 2024 on 19 January 2024. 

What are the Canada Disability Benefits 2024?

The Canada Disability Benefits 2024 is given to those who are of age less than 65 years suffering from disability.

How much is the amount of Disability Benefits January 2024?

The amount of the Canada Disability Benefits January 2024 is $300 per month.

When is the Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 given to the individuals?

The Canadian Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 is given to the individuals on 30th of each month. 

From where can the Disability Benefits January 2024 Dates be checked?

The Canada Benefits January 2024 Dates be checked through the website canada.ca.

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