Google Play Settlement Claim – $250 to $200k Payout Date, How To Get It?

The Google Play Developer Antitrust Litigation was filed in US Court and the Court has announced the verdict as per which Google is liable to pay $700 Million under this settlement. If you have used Google Play Apps or purchased any app or In-App Purchase then you are eligible for Google Play Settlement Claim of $700 Million. It is to inform you that the individual Google Play Settlement Amount varies from $250 to $200,000 as per your usage. If you are interested in this settlement claim then you should definitely check Google Play Settlement Claim Eligibility before proceeding to file the claim.

We have mentioned all the requirements that you must meet to claim this amount from Google. You need to check the instructions below for Google Play Settlement Claim Form and then file it online to get your refunds as per the Court Orders. As per information available on the website, Google Play Settlement Claim Payout Date is in January or February 2024.

Google Play Settlement Claim

As we all know, US Courts and litigants are always active in suing the companies for their non compliance with User Policies. It is to inform you that Google Play Settlement Claim Amount is $700 Million in which $630 Million will be paid directly towards the users and $70 Million towards the other expenses. If you had used Google Play Store and purchased Apps or In-App Purchase between August 16, 2016 and September 30, 2023 then you can Claim the Google Play Settlement Amount by filing the form online on the official website. We have mentioned the detailed Eligibility to Claim Google Play Settlement which you must check before proceeding further.

If you find yourself eligible for this claim then you should file online on the official website @ Here we have mentioned the detailed instructions for you using which you can File Google Play Settlement Claim $700 Million. Apart from this, you should also file the ITT Tech Settlement Claim (If you were studying in It).

Google Play Settlement Amount

ClaimGoogle Play Settlement Claim
AuthorityGoogle Play
Google Play Settlement Amount$700 Million
CountryUnited States
Google Settlement EligibilityUsers who have done Google Play Store and purchased Apps or In-App Purchase between August 16, 2016 and September 30, 2023
Applicable inAll States of US
Google Play Settlement Amount Per Person$250 to $200,000
How to ClaimFile Online
Google Play Settlement Claim Payout DateJanuary or February 2024
Type of ArticleFinance

Google Play Settlement Claim Eligibility

  • If you wish to know about Google Play Settlement Claim Eligibility then kindly go through the points below.
  • First of all, you must have used Google Play Store and done purchases of Paid Apps or In App Purchases.
  • If you have used the Play Store between August 16, 2016 and September 30, 2023 then you are eligible for this payment.
  • You will also receive the notice regarding the suit in which your payment amount and other information is mentioned.
  • Beneficiaries can check the Status of Payment through their Notice ID On the official website.

Google Play Settlement Claim Form

  • You can fill Google Play Settlement Claim Form on the official website @
  • You must have received the notice regarding the settlement before proceeding for claim.
  • Check the eligibility mentioned above and then only you can claim Google Settlement Claim.
  • Usually, Google Payout varies from $250 to $200,000 Depending upon your purchases.
  • Instructions below will help you File Google Settlement Claim Form on the official website.

How to File Google Play Settlement Claim $700 Million

  • In order to File Google Play Settlement Claim $700 Million, you should follow the instructions below.
  • First of all, open the official website @
  • Now, click on Submit W 9 Button and proceed further.
  • Enter your Notice ID and Confirmation Code mentioned on the Notice.
  • Submit and wait for the next page.
  • Select your Payment Mode and change the details if required.
  • You can also opt for Physical Check to get the Payment.

Google Play Settlement Claim Payout Date

It is to inform you that the Google Play Settlement Claim Payout Date is not announced but it is being expected that the payment will be done in 1st Quarter of 2024. Moreover, it is to inform you that 71 Million People in the United States will receive the Google Settlement Payout in their Accounts depending on their Spending during the above mentioned period. Once you have filed the claim, kindly wait for the authorities to approve it and then you will receive the Credit Notice on which your Payout Date and Refund Amount will be mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Play Settlement Claim

When is Google Play Settlement Claim announced?

Google Play Settlement Claim is announced in December 2023.

What is the Google Play Settlement Amount?

Google Play Settlement Amount is $700 Million.

How many users will get the Google Play Settlement Payout?

More than 70 Million People will receive the Google Play Settlement Payout.

How to Claim Google Play Settlement Amount?

You will automatically receive the Google Settlement Payout for the above mentioned duration.

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