H1B Visa Registration 2024 – Selection Process, How to Apply Online?

The H-1B Visa is a Visa under the Immigration and Nationa;lity Act where the US employers employ the foreign workers in Speciality occupations. The H1B Visa Registration 2024 will begin from 21 February 2024. The registration process will begin after you create the USCIS account first through the website uscis.gov All the applicants have to follow the USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024 which includes the lottery system. Now we have mentioned the guide to make the H1B Visa Registration 2024 along with the USA H1B Visa Eligibility 2024 and other important updates below.

H1B Visa Registration 2024

The Visa in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act is the H1B Visa which allows the US employers to employ the foreign speciality occupants. The speciality occupants are the ones who require application of specialized knowledge, along with the Bachelor’s Degree. The visa is available to the employees for the duration of 3 years but it can be extended further to 6 years. The main advantage that this visa holds is that you can bring your family members to the USA and the spouse of the applicants will get H-4 Visa and based on the H-1B Visa one can even apply for the permanent residency.

The holders of this visa can change their place of employment only when the new employer files a petition for the visa. The H1B Visa Application Deadline 2024 is March 2024, and one has to start getting themselves registered from 21 February 2024 onwards. 

Now to get under the USA H1B Visa Eligibility 2024, one has to qualify to work in the research and development process and also have advanced training or vocational skills. The ones who will be applying will first get the registration under the USCIS portal and then will be able to proceed with the applications. The selection of the applicants will be done on the basis of the H1B Lottery Result 2024.

The visa cap is available for 65000 applications and there are additional 20000 applicants who are having masters degree will be exempt from the visa cap. The registration cost under this visa process is $10. Through this article one will be able to get the complete details on the registration along with the application process. 

uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024

Visa name H1B Visa 
Applicable in USA
Who provides it Employer to employee 
Advantage One can apply for Green Card 
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with special skills 
H1B Visa Application Dates 2024To 20 March 2024
Registration mode Online 
USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024Lottery scheme 
Documents required Mentioned below 
Time period3 years 
Registration fee $10
Post type Finance
Website uscis.gov

The visa which is provided by the employers to employ the foreign applicants with specialized occupation is the H1B Visa for which the H1B Visa Registration 2024 will begin soon. The applicants have to apply for the visa through the USCIS Portal having the registration fee of $10. 

H1B Visa 2024

  • The H1B Visa Registration 2024 will begin soon in March 2024 for the ones who have specialized skills.
  • The visa will be provided by the employers to the foreign employees for the period of 3 years.
  • The uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024 extension can be done after 3 years for another 3 years.
  • The registration amount under this visa is $10 and the applicants will be selected on the basis of the H1B Lottery Result 2024.
  • You have to first check if you qualify for the Visa or not from the steps which we have mentioned below.

USA H1B Visa 2024 Benefits

  • One can call their parents or spouse who have the uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024 and the spouse will get H-4 visa.
  • One can apply for Green card which is the permanent residency if they have the H1B Visa.

USA H1B Visa Eligibility 2024

You will qualify for the H1B Visa Registration 2024 if you have the following requirements.

  • Possession of 4 years Bachelors Degree or Master’s Degree or a Doctoral Degree
  • Skills of training or vocational.
  • Qualify to work in research and development skills.
  • There has to be employer employee relationship.
  • Employers have to adhere to the fact that there are no strikes, lockout or work shutdown in case of labor disputes.
  • If the employment has been terminated, the employer has to agree to pay for the return transportation home for the employees.

H1B Visa Cap 2024

The applications get opened every year during spring. The USCIS approves only 65000 petitions per year and the first 20000 applications are reserved for Masters Degree which is exempt from the cap. 6800 petitions are reserved for Visa for Chile and Singapore. 

H1B Visa Application Deadline 2024

H1B Visa Application Dates 2024Events
21 February 2024Petitioners can begin getting H1B registration accounts 
1 March 2024H1B registration opens 
20 March 2024H1B registration closes 
31 March 2024USCIS to notify selected registrants 
1 April 2024Petitions based on registration during the initial phase 
2 August 2024H1B cap selected in second round 

How to Apply for H1B Visa Registration 2024?

  • Check the points on the application for H1B Visa Application 2024.
  • Make sure you qualify for H1B Visa.
  • File a petition by applying for job opening in US.
  • Have petition initiated by employers.
  • Apply for the H1B Visa at the nearest US Embassy.

USA H1B Visa Registration 2024

  • To begin with, you have to first create the USCIS online account.
  • The USA H1B Visa Registration 2024 will begin on 1 March 2024 and will run till 20 March 2024.
  • You have to select the Registration account to submit the registration.
  • Now enter the Company details along with the personal information in the form.
  • The ones who have the account may not create a new account.
  • You have to pay the registration fee and then download the form for later use.

H1B Visa Registration Fees 2024

The uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024 Registration Fee is $10 which is per applicant. The fee is non refundable and one has to check the eligibility before applying for the registration. 

USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024

The uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024 Selection is based on the lottery system. The working of the lottery can be checked through the steps given below.

  • The lottery is performed for all the registrants to select the candidates for a total of 65000 visa.
  • The another lottery is conducted for the master cao set at 20000 visa abd is for those having the US Master’s degree.
  • The USCIS will notify all the selected individuals to submit the petitions and that too in 90 days.
  • The unselected candidates will get retained in the reserve pool for the second or third round of the H1B Lottery Result 2024.

Check H1B Lottery Result 2024

  • Once the petition has been submitted, get the receipt number.
  • Open the USCIS Case status online page through the website.
  • Enter the receipt number in the given fields.
  • You must then click on the Check Status button.
  • You can review your status online through the page displayed.

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Frequently Asked Questions On H1B Visa Registration 2024

How will the USA H1B Visa Registration 2024 be done?

The USA H1B Visa Registration 2024 will be done through the online mode.

How much is the H1B Visa Cap 2024?

The USA H1B Visa Cap 2024 is 65000 petitions.

How much is the USA H1B Visa Registration 2024 Fee?

The USA H1B Visa Registration 2024 Fee is $10 which is non refundable.

What is the USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024?

The USA H1B Visa Selection Process 2024 includes the lottery system.

From where can the details on H1B Visa Registration 2024 be checked?

The uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024 Registration details can be checked through the website uscis.gov.

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