How CPP Affect GIS on Retirement 2024 – OAS, CPP & GIS Amount

Understand how CPP affect GIS on retirement, along with the Old Age Security (OAS), and the corresponding amounts you may receive.

The Canada Revenue Agency has been engaged into providing the financial benefits to the citizens at the time of retirement, old age, disability, children plans or any other benefits. A total of 9 Benefits under the CRA are provided to the citizens of Canada. Now the Canada Pension Plan is the monthly payment which is provided to the citizens after retirement and the payment is provided every month. The amount of CPP usually affects the GIS at the time of retirement. Planning for retirement is not too easy and to know from where the money will come is a difficult task.

Retirement planning can help you to set the eligible goals and the retirement income comes from various sources like: OAS pension, CPP Retirement pension, earnings, workplace pension plans. The CPP and GIS will work directly as the more you will pay under the CPP, the more will be the GIS at the time of retirement. Now to get the complete updates on the working of CPP and GIS, you have to understand the various terms first.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

The CPP is the retirement pension which is paid on the monthly basis to the individuals and it is the taxable benefits which will replace the income at the time you will retire. Now to get eligible for CPP, one has to be of age of 60 years or less. Now the individual will have to make at least one contribution to the CPP. The contributions can be done through work in Canada.

The CPP Payments will not be automatic and one has to apply for the same. The age of the pension starts from 60 to 70 years. If you start getting the pension earlier, you will get the pension amount slightly less and if you receive it later, the pension amount will be generally high. If you wait till the age of 70, there will be very less benefits provided to you. The most standard age to get the CPP is 65 years. 

Old Age Security Plan (OAS)

The Canadian Government provides the earning to the Old Aged people by providing them with the Old Age Security where the Canadian Pension Plan works. The ones who are of age above 65 years will get the pension amount transferred to your Bank Account.

The pension is the monthly payment which is provided to the old aged people and it is the financial assistance which one will get. The payment amount was $66500 earlier and now the amount has been increased slightly. The new amount of $68500 will be affected from 1 January 2024 onwards. The payment will be provided to the individual, whether or not they have been employed. The most recent payment of OAS will be provided on 27 January 2024.

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is the benefit of CRA where the individuals of the low income group who are of age above 65 years falls under the eligibility of the  monthly non taxable benefit. The Guaranteed Income Supplement will be given to the ones who are the recipients of the OAS payment. The GIS will be determined from the annual income of the previous year. The payment will be provided to you through the direct deposits if you have signed for the same. To get the OAS payment, the annual income has to be less than the threshold limit. 

Impact on Government Benefits and Credits

The federal credits include Old Age Security, GIS and CPP benefits and these benefits will not be reduced with the income you earn. The income you will get and the amount which will get withdrawn will not be affecting any of the eligibility criteria. The money from the TFSA Limit 2024 can be withdrawn anytime and with no tax consequences. 

For Instance: 

Mr A has retired now. With the retirement pension, he gets the OAS and CPP Benefits. $500 is earned in a year by him and his income will not affect the tax and the benefit return. If he had earned $500 in the savings account, this would have affected his income tax return and he would have had to pay more of the taxes and could even have to repay his social benefits

Investment in TFSA and Outside TFSA Comparison

Income Funds in TFSAFunds Outside TFSA
Pension income $48250$48250
CPP Benefits $12017$12017
OAS Benefits$5933$5933
Interest income $0$500
Total income $66200$66700
Amount for social retirements $66250$66250
Overbase amount $0$450
Amount under the Social Benefit Repayments $0$67.50

Action of CPP on GIS

Mr Andrew is 55 years old and he has retired from work. He had been self-employed and he had some pensionable earnings.

He has got the CPP statement which says that he will get $320 per month if he will be 60 today or $500 per month if he would be 65.

Now the amount of GIS will be dependent upon the other income which he has. The GIS will be reduced by 50% of every $ income which Andrew will have. 

It can be said that if Andrew waits for the age of 65 years, he will get $395 as the CPP amount and $280 at the age of 60 years. The GIS at the age of 65 years will get reduced by $57.50 per month and to get the better amount by waiting till 65 years, he will have to live for 89 years rather than getting the income from the age of 60 years. 

CPP and GIS When Not Retired

Take for instance that a person is 59 years now and will retire at 60 years. They still want to work past retirement, say till the age of 65 years or even more. How much will be the CPP and Retirement benefit in that case?

Firstly, if the person is thinking about working past retirement, they can do so. The CPP Benefits will be provided as soon as the person turns 60 years old. You are not required to stop working to get the CPP. Now in such a case, the choice is all yours whether you wish to get the CPP or you wish to get the form stating that CPP will be provided past 65 years. The main positive thing in this case is that your fruit benefits will increase because you are still paying into the plans.

CPP and GIS when Disabled

This case can be understood better with an example.

Joseph is 60 years and is single. He has moved from Ontario on the basis of Ontario Disability Support. 

Now the question arises, Should he take CPP Early Retirement?

The answer to this is No. 

The CPP has the disability benefit too. Joseph will get the CPP Disability benefit rather than the GIS Retirement pension. If the Ontario Disability Support asks Joseph to apply for the disability plan, he must do so. At the age of 65, the ODSP Pension will become the retirement pension and he will be off ODSP, so none of his benefits at the time of retirement can be reduced. 

CPP Affecting GIS on Retirement on Getting Ontario Works


A person is 60 years and is single and getting $733 per month. Should that person take CPP Early Retirement?

The Ontario Works is reduced for every dollar on the CPP Pension.

The Ontario Works is restricted to $733 per month but you can get the CPP of $733 or more per month. 

If the person takes the CPP early at the age of 60 years, they may earn less but if they take the CPP at the age of 65 years, the GIS on retirement will be higher than the GIS CPP before the retirement. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on How CPP Affect GIS on Retirement

What are the CPP Benefits?

The CPP Benefits are the monthly pension amount which is provided to the individuals above 60 years.

How do CPP and GIS work on retirement?

The CPP and GIS on retirement works directly as the more contribution to CPP will lead to more GIS.

What is the best time to get the CPP Benefits?

The individual shall not get the CPP benefits later than 65 years as no extra benefits will be provided to them.

While being disabled, should one get the Disability benefit or CPP?

The ones who are disabled shall get the Disability benefit first as after the age of 65 years, the retirement and disability benefit will be the same.

What is the Action of CPP on GIS?

The Action of CPP on GIS can be checked through the post above where we have explained with the help of an example where the benefit of taking CPP at 60 years and 65 years both have been explained.

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