IRS Free File Deadline 2024 – Extension, Direct Deposit Date & Status

The IRS Free File is the software which helps the income taxpayers to file their returns through a Hassle free mode. The IRS Free File Deadline is 15 March 2024. The IRS Free File Extension has been made available till 15 September 2024. The ones who wish to make the tax returns just by sitting at home can make use of the US IRS Free File. The individuals shall know that if they don’t qualify but still can use Free File Fillable Forms. Through the given post we have provided the details on the software being provided for the use of the individuals for filing the tax return.

IRS Free File

The Internal Revenue Services have been providing various services to the individuals who have been filing the taxes. The service allows the US Tax-payers to prepare and e-file the income tax returns for free. The commercial tax software companies that are a part of Free File Alliance offer free tax preparation software to the tax-payers. The AGI of the individuals shall be less than $73000 and the same gets increased for each of the tax filing season. Now to use the Free File Program, the individuals are provided with the Free Fillable forms. 

Through the IRS Free File Software, at least 70% of the US Taxpayers will be eligible for the use of commercial software in order to file their tax returns. The taxpayers can use this facility for free. It is the electronic version of the paper forms to file the tax returns.

The IRS provides 2 methods to the taxpayers to file their income tax. One is the guided tax preparation, and the other one is the Free File Fillable Forms. The individuals will have to provide the details on Personal Information, Income and receipts and the other important details. The IRS Free File Extension will be available for the ones who will be filing the taxes electronically. Now through this article, one can get the complete updates on the free file software which will help you to make your own taxes. Free File

The citizens of America have been provided with the Free File Program Benefits to file their income taxes electronically using the latest software. The IRS Free File is the software that has been in alliance with various software’s to let the filing process be easy. Through the table below you will get the details on the free file software which has been released.

Software name Free File 
Launched by Internal Revenue Service 
Country USA
Details needed Personal details, income details 
Purpose To help people file the taxes electronically 
Income Less than $73000
IRS Free File DeadlineTill 15 March 2024
Post type Finance

US IRS Free File Deadline

  • The IRS Free File is the software which has been under the alliance of various software’s and has been prepared to help the individuals make the hassle free tax returns.
  • The free file is available to the ones having the income less than $73000.
  • If you meet the income qualifications, you can browse through various offers which are provided while filing the tax returns.
  • The software is available each year through the mid of January and it starts right before the tax season starts.
  • The individuals who will be filing electronically will be able to claim the recovery tax rebate.

Free File Program Benefits

  • You can get the Free Federal tax return
  • No participant will charge anything to file the tax return 
  • The bank products with any sort of fees is not the part of Free File
  • Free state returns will be available
  • You will be given various choices
  • Each Free File Company will Guarantee the accuracy of the return calculator 
  • The IRS can help to find a free option for you. 

Free File Eligibility

  • For the season 2023, the people who have an income less than $73000 will become eligible.
  • The income requirements will be announced by the IRS when the program will reopen in January 2024.
  • The income limit will apply for all the IRS Free File Status and the income limit is the adjusted gross income and not the only gross income.
  • State filing may not be included with the free federal offer but IRS has stated that more than 20 states will be eligible for the same.
  • One has to ensure that they check the state’s department of taxation and revenue website.

IRS Free File Ways

The following are the two ways under the IRS Free File.

  • Guided Tax Preparation: it provides a free online tax preparation system and filing Online. The service is delivered at no cost to the qualifying taxpayers. Only the taxpayers whose income is less than $73000 will qualify for the free federal tax return.
  • Free File Fillable Form are the tax forms which are just like the 1040 form. One has to follow the instructions to fill in the form and for the IRS publication. 

Working of IRS Free File

  • Open the website and click on the filing option.
  • Choose the IRS Free File Option which will guide towards the preparation of tax.
  • You will be directed to the Partners website in order to create a new account or in case you are a previous user, login to your account.
  • Prepare and file your tax return again.
  • You will get the email when the IRS will accept your return. 

Documents for IRS Free File

The following documents are needed for the Free File partnership with online tax preparation tips. 

  • Copy of the last years tax return
  • Social security number of yourself, spouse or any dependent
  • Social security benefits
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Receipts of small business
  • Income receipts for real estate, royalties, partnership, trusts. Free File Participants

Provider Requirements 
1040NowAGI shall be less than $65000There is no age restrictionNo free state returnFree federal return for states
ezTaxReturnAGI shall be less than $73000There is no age restrictionFree tax return for AL, AR. MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, VA, WA, WIThere is no free state return but it can be added for $19.95
FileYourTaxes.comAGI shall be from $3000 to $73000Age shall be 66 or less Free federal tax returns for all the statesState returns for non supported states can be added for $50
FreeTaxUSAAGI shall be $46000 or lessNo age restriction Free federal tax return for all statesFree state return but can be added to $14.99
OnLine TaxesAGI is $111000 to $73000There is barrier of ageFree federal return for all states
TaxActAGI less than $73000Shall be of age from 20 to 64 yearsFree federal returnFree state return but can be added to $39.99

IRS Free File Direct Deposit

  • The IRS Free File provides the payment through the direct deposit or through the paper check.
  • If one has filed the taxes within the given IRS Free File Direct Deposit Date the refund will be provided through the Direct IRS Free File Direct Deposit method approximately on 21st day. 
  • In case the refund is applied through paper checks, the payments will be provided on 28th day
  • For instance, if the return file is accepted on 12 August 2024, the payment through direct IRS Free File Direct Deposit will be provided on 1 September 2024.
  • In case of paychecks, the payments will be provided on 8 September 2024. 

How To Check IRS Free File Status

To check the refund for the Free File, you will have to login to the portal.

  • Open the website on your device
  • Click on Refund option given on homepage
  • Select on Check My Refund status
  • Then fill in the Social Security Number and enter the details asked from you.
  • The IRS Free File Status will get displayed on your screen and you must check the status and keep it saved for future references. 

IRS Free File Extension

The individuals who have been filing the taxes electronically can ask for more extension on the filing of tax returns. The e-file of the extension is free of cost and the IRS Free File Extension can be provided through Form 4868. The individuals have to mention the tax liability on the form and have to make the due amount payment. Free File Links

IRS Free File Free File File

Frequently Asked Questions On IRS Free File

What is the IRS Free File?

The IRS Free File is the software which helps the individuals to file the tax returns through electronic method.

What are the IRS Free File Ways?

The Free File IRS Ways are Guided tax preparations and Free File Fillable form

What are important IRS Free File Documents needed for filing?

The SSN, income details etc are the IRS Free File Documents needed under the IRS Free File.

What are the Free File Participants?

The IRS Free File Participants are 1040Now,, TaxSlayer, TaxAct, OLT, FreeTaxUSA, ezTaxReturn.

In how much time will one get the IRS Free File Refund?

The Free File Refund will be provided in exact 21 days if applied through direct deposits and on 28th day if applied through Pay Check.

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