MN Tax Rebate 2024 – Know Amount, Eligibility & Last Date To Claim Online

Minnesota MN Tax Rebate 2024 is released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) along with the Department of Revenue, Federal Government of the United States so that the citizens of Minnesota who are homeowners and renters get relaxation in paying property tax every year. The beneficiaries who want to fill MN Tax Rebate Application 2024 and fulfill the eligibility criteria further given in the article can visit the official website of the Department of Revenue of the Federal Government of United States, so keep reading. You should check MN Rebate Amount 2024 in this post and then proceed to claim it.

MN Tax Rebate 2024

Scheme Name Minnesota Tax Rebate 2024
Organized by Internal Revenue Agency 
Department Department of Revenue
Headed byFederal Government of United States 
Name of StateMinnesota 
CountryUnited States of America 
Year 2024
Claim MN Tax Rebate 202429th January, 2024
Last Day To Claim MN Tax Rebate 202415th April, 2024

MN Tax Rebate Eligibility 2024 

Beneficiaries who apply for the Tax Rebate are divided into homeowners and renters whose MN Tax Rebate Eligibility 2024 also varies as given below. 

MN Tax Rebate Homeowners Eligibility Criteria

  • Beneficiaries whose household income is below $135,410.
  • Until January 2, 2024, it is mandatory for beneficiaries to have owned and resided in their residence.
  • In order to be eligible, beneficiaries are required to possess a valid Social Security Number. Additionally, if a married couple chooses to file their taxes jointly, it is necessary for at least one spouse to have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Beneficiaries are required to have made payment for all property taxes for their self owned house.
  • Homeowners can have additional $1000 if the beneficiaries have been residing in their apartment since January 2, 2023, until January 2, 2024.
  • It is required that the beneficiary’s net property tax is raised by a percentage greater than 12% from 2023 to 2024. 
  • Additionally, the beneficiary’s increase in net property tax should be a minimum of $100.

MN Tax Rebate Renters Eligibility Criteria

  • The household income of the beneficiary must not exceed $73,270.
  • Tenants who are beneficiaries and are originally from a state other than Minnesota but stay in Minnesota for more than 183 days are eligible to apply for the MN Tax Rebate 2024.
  • Beneficiaires should be residing in the building where the following criteria are covered by the owner.
  • The property tax should be accessed by the owner of the building.
  • Instead of paying the property tax, the owner of the building should contribute a portion of the rental income.
  • The local government should have received property tax payments from the owner of the building.

MN Tax Rebate Disqualification 2024

  • The MN Tax Rebate 2024 cannot be claimed by dependents listed on someone else’s tax return.
  • Beneficiaries who are nonresidents residing in Minnesota who have a gross income below $4,800 and receive 50% of their support from a relative are ineligible to apply for the MN Tax rebate in 2024.
  • The credit cannot be claimed by beneficiaries who have been residents of Michigan or North Dakota for the entire year.
  • If the beneficiaries residing home is of relative then no renter or homeowner can apply for MN Tax Rebate 2024.

MN Tax Rebate Application 2024

Beneficiaries who are eligible for the MN Tax Rebate Application 2024 can go through the following steps to apply online.

  • Verify Eligibility: Beneficiaries need to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility requirements to fill MN Tax Rebate Application 2024.
  • Collect all necessary documentation: It is the responsibility of the beneficiaries to collect all required documentation, such as income statements, tax returns, and any other relevant information.
  • Application Completion: Beneficiaries need to complete the relevant application form which can be obtained from the official website of the Minnesota Department of Revenue i.e.
  • Application form Submission: Beneficiaries should ensure that you submit your fully completed application along with the necessary supporting documents within the given deadline. Beneficiaries can send the form and complete the process by online mode or through mail.
  • Review by Authority: Beneficiaries are required to patiently wait for a given period of time for the tax authorities to check their application and this process may extend over several weeks until their application is approved.
  • Receiving the Rebate: If the beneficiary’s application is approved by the authorities, then they will disburse the tax rebate to them using the specified method.

MN Tax Rebate Amount 2024

CategoryMN Tax Rebate Amount 2024
Deduction for Dependents$5050
Married Filing Jointly$29,150
Head of household$21,900
Married Filing Separately$14,575
Married Couples with Child$1750 per child 

Link To Apply Online MN Tax Rebate Payment 2024

Apply Online MN Tax Rebate Payment 2024Apply 

FAQs On Minnesota Tax Rebate 2024

What is the last day of claiming for the Minnesota Tax Rebate 2024?

The last day of claiming the MN Tax Rebate 2024 is 15th April, 2024.

What is the amount paid per child under the Minnesota Tax Rebate Amount 2024? 

The amount paid per child under the Minnesota Tax Rebate 2024.

Who organizes the MN Tax Rebate 2024?

The Internal Revenue Agency organizes the MN Tax Rebate 2024.

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