New IEC Draw 2024 – Know Canada Work Permit Invitations & Working Holiday

The IEC has sent about 19482 work permit invitations in the first two rounds of invitations from 13 January and 20 January 2024. The New IEC Draw 2024 has sent  17000 invitations through the Working Holiday Category. You should check the eligibility under the IEC 2024 Working Holiday. The other category is the Young Professionals Category 2024 and the other is the IEC International Co-op 2024. Through this article one will get all the updates on the IEC Pools Open 2024 Date as per invitations which are being sent to the individuals.

New IEC Draw 2024

The International Experience Canada (IEC) for the season 2024 has sent a total of 19482 work permit invitations under the given first two rounds of the invitations which were in week ending on 13 January 2024 and 20 January 2024. The IEC has sent about 17000 applicants which have been sent under the given Working Holiday Category. The Working Holiday Category has a total of 33682 applications under a total of 34 different countries. The New IEC Draw 2024 Opens from 20th January 2024 and invitations will start after that.

When Do IEC Pools Open 2024

Under the Young Professional Category, there have been a total of 1400 applications and under the International Co-op or Internship there are a total of 1100 invitations. The IEC 2024 season began officially on 11 December 2023 and from then the International Youth of all the Countries can submit their profiles to the IEC. The Canadian Government has stated that the IEC Pools 2024 will begin from 8 January 2024. This article covers all the details on the invites which have been received from 20 January 2024 onwards along with the quotas, total candidates in the pool and the prospects of getting an invitation in the upcoming weeks. International Experience Canada Draw 2024

The individuals of the 34 eligible Countries are being invited under the Working Holiday category and allowing them to join any firm in Canada. The ones who are having no employment offer will be eligible for the IEC Draw 2024. The table given below will give you all the details on the draw which will be applicable in Canada.

Organization International Experience Canada (IEC)
Total work permit invitations 19482
Working Holiday Category Invitations 17000
Young Professional Category 1400
International Co-op Category 1100
Post type News

IEC 2024 Working Holiday

The individuals who are invited for the eligible Countries in the Working Holiday will get the open work permit and will allow the individuals to work for almost any of the firm in Canada.

You will be eligible under this category if:

  • You are having none of the employment offer
  • You want to work for more than one employer in Canada
  • You wish to work in more than one location and earn money in order to travel.
Country Total Invitations Spots available Total candidates Quota 
Andorra 422325
Australia 1261Unlimited 318
Austria 864615100
Belgium 45044146750
Chile 906706193725
Costa Rica 1768140280
Croatia 212637275
Czech Republic 210870351000
Denmark 6830614350
Estonia 26956110
Finland 000
France 6646533169057000
Germany 94538891654490
Greece 591466180
Hong kong 11113922200
Iceland 51170120
Ireland 1175979226710500
Italy 59013951201750
Japan 171053103856500
Latvia 29263240
Lithuania 13710121175
Luxembourg 478080
Netherlands 33421862430
New Zealand 4332210872500
Norway 261158135
Poland 14254613635
Portugal 1831626371750
San Marino 124125
Slovakia 14522920315
Slovenia 1074480
South Korea 42507389414310000
Spain 42152270800
Sweden 6954116580
Taiwan 1788472128940
UK 3085712611319000
Total 16939517743368261640

Young Professionals Category 2024

The Young Professional Category has invited the applications from the 34 eligible Countries and they are given the employer specific work visa. 

To fall under this category, the applicants need to have:

  • A legitimate job offer from the Canada’s Firm which can help to go ahead professionally.
  • To work for the same Company and in the same given location.
Country Total invitations Total spots Total candidates Quotas 
Australia 34Unlimited 12Unlimited 
Austria 358160
Chile 91615520
Costa Rica 8109915
Croatia 318120
Czech Republic 611043145
Estonia 19010
Finland 000
France 4941897772200
France VIE53955791000
Germany 803028350
Greece 193310
Ireland 301396150
Latvia 1708
Lithuania 517120
Luxembourg 00010
Netherlands 461454170
Norway 314215
Poland 111031110
Portugal 61952200
Slovakia 1821130
Slovenia 414115
South Korea 2461417341500
Spain 44954120
Spain- IECX Vives049050
Sweden 8962100
Switzerland 401726200
Taiwan 2341150
UK 19782135900
Total 144767185387478

IEC International Co-op 2024

The Employers Specific work visa is being given under the Internship category. You will fall under this category if you:

  • Post secondary student with job offer for internship in Canada
  • Finish your education by completing the internship 
  • Work for the same employer in the same location during your stay.
Country Total invitations Total spots Total candidates Quotas 
Australia 2Unlimited 1Unlimited 
Austria 2020020
Chile 6325
Costa Rica 1405
Croatia 0505
Czech Republic 0505
Estonia 0505
Finland 000
France 87731201124250
Germany 311385160
Greece 10010010
Ireland 1441150
Latvia 0202
Lithuania 0505
Luxembourg 00010
Norway 5515
Poland 0505
Portugal 550250
Slovakia 0505
Slovenia 0505
South Korea 94950500
Spain 129030
Sweden 020020
Switzerland 1042150
Taiwan 780100
UK 8973100
Total 109641181285402

IEC Draw 2024 Fees

Canada has declared that the fees for all the competitors for the season 2024 is $172 and the fees vary as per the program you use for Canadian Immigration. The working holiday applicants are advised to pay $100 as the IEC Draw 2024 Fees.  The young professionals and the internship category candidates need not pay any fees but their employer has to pay $230 as the employer compliance charges. The biometric cost is $85 and it is paid while paying the IEC Fee. International Experience Canada Draw 2024 Links

New IEC Draw 2024Canada Work Permit Invitations

Frequently Asked Questions on New IEC Draw 2024

What is the New IEC Draw 2024?

The IEC Draw 2024 is the work permit invitations which are being sent to the individuals.

How many Canada Work Permit Invitations 2024 have been sent for the season 2024?

A total of 19482 Canada Work Permit Invitations 2024 have been sent for the season 2024.

How many applicants are invited for the Working  Holiday Category?

A total of 33862 have been invited under the Working Holiday Category.

What is the IEC Draw 2024 Fees?

The IEC Draw 2024 Fees is $172.

From where can one get the details on the New IEC Draw 2024?

The details on the New IEC Draw 2024 can be checked through 

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