NJ ANCHOR Rebate Status 2024 – Eligibility, ANCHOR Benefit Online Filing

The New Jersey State Government runs various programs for the citizens of the State in which one of the major one is Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters also known as ANCHOR Program. Many applicants have registered for this program and are waiting for the NJ ANCHOR Rebate Status to be released. It is to inform you that applicants can check their NJ ANCHOR Benefit Status @ nj.gov on the official website using basic details. In this post, you can find detailed information on NJ ANCHOR Benefit Eligibility and ANCHOR Benefit Online Filing.

NJ ANCHOR Rebate Status

NJ ANCHOR (Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters) Rebate program offers relief from property taxes to people of New Jersey who fulfill specified income requirements and own or rent real estate in the state as their primary residence. Based on 2020 residency, income, and age, the current filing season for the ANCHOR benefit is underway.

More than 1.5 million renters and homeowners have received their ANCHOR tax refunds for the second year of the programme, and you still have time to claim your share of the reimbursement. To file a new application using 2020 tax information, you have until December 29th, 2023. Depending on the resident’s age, place of residence, and income, the state will compensate them between $450 and $1,750. If you have applied for this program then you should check NJ ANCHOR Rebate Status.

NJ ANCHOR Benefit Status @ nj.gov

Scheme NameNJ Anchor Rebate
Launched byAffordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters
CountryUnited States
StateNew Jersey
First day of application12th October, 2023
Last day of application29th December, 2023
No. of days to claim benefit90 days of submitting application
NJ ANCHOR Benefit StatusCheck Online
Payout amount$450 to $1750

NJ ANCHOR Benefit Eligibility

To apply for the program, the homeowners and renters needs to qualify for the following NJ ANCHOR Benefit Eligibility Criteria

NJ ANCHOR Benefit Eligibility for Homeowners

  • Residents of New Jersey who, as of October 1, 2020, owned and occupied a home in New Jersey as their principal residence (main home).
  • Paid the home’s property taxes for 2020.
  • Possessed a gross income below $250,000.

NJ ANCHOR Benefit Eligibility for Renters

  • Residents of New Jersey who, as of October 1, 2020, were renting and residing in a New Jersey property as their primary residence.
  • Paid the rent due at the property, and the lease or rental agreement bore their name.
  • With a yearly gross income below $150,00.
  • Rented a space where local property taxes applied.

Instructions for NJ ANCHOR Benefit Online Filing @ nj.gov

By September 1st, those who meet the eligibility criteria for NJ Anchor Rebate get a purple or green filing packet in the mail with instructions on how to do NJ ANCHOR Benefit Online Filing @ nj.gov and when you receive it, should follow the instruction religiously to apply as given below.

  • Renters can file online at https://www.nj.gov/treasury/taxation/anchor/. When making your selection online, you do not need a PIN or identification. 
  • You will see that a new tab will be opened.
  • Next you fill up all the required demographic information in the form.
  • Then to submit the application form, just click the “Submit” button.
  • Your application has now been submitted successfully.
  • Benefits will be awarded within 90 days of application submission.

Applicants have until December 29, 2023 as a last date to submit their NJ ANCHOR Benefit Online Filing @ nj.gov.


Even if you did not receive a packet from us, you may still apply for the programme provided you meet the qualifying requirements for the benefit in 2020 because of your residency, income, and age.

NJ ANCHOR Rebate Payment Amount

In its first year of operation, the ANCHOR programme gave tax rebates to New Jerseyans who made less than a certain income threshold. 1.7 million homeowners and renters applied for and received a benefit last year, according to Treasury authorities. According to state officials, the average NJ ANCHOR Rebate Payment Amount for each eligible person is $971. According to the budget for Fiscal Year 2024, senior payment amounts increased this year, with maximum amounts of $1,750 for senior homeowners and $700 for renters. According to state officials, those under the age of 65 will get between $450 and $1,500 under the NJ ANCHOR Rebate Payment Amount.

How to Check NJ ANCHOR Rebate Status @ nj.gov

By following the instructions provided below, you can check the NJ ANCHOR Rebate Status @ nj.gov

  • Go to the following official website: https://www.nj.gov/treasury/taxation/anchor/.
  • Click the “Check Benefit Status” option if you see one available on the page.
  • You will now be instructed to provide the Tax Year, Refund Amount, and Social Security Number.
  • Then finally click on the “Submit” button.

Check ANCHOR Benefit Status 2023

NJ ANCHOR Rebate StatusCheck Status

FAQs On NJ ANCHOR Benefit Payment Status

What is the last day for submitting an application to claim benefits of NJ ANCHOR Rebate 2023?

The last day for submitting an application to claim benefits of NJ ANCHOR Rebate 2023 is 29th December, 2023. 

What is the payout range of NJ ANCHOR Rebate 2023?

The payout range of NJ ANCHOR Rebate 2023 is $450 to $1750.

How many days are required to claim the benefit of NJ ANCHOR Rebate 2023?

90 days are required to claim the benefit of NJ ANCHOR Rebate 2023.

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