NZ Pension Increase 2024 – Know New Zealand Pension Dates & Amount

The federal government of New Zealand is engaged in providing various benefits to the citizens living over there. The government is not only providing benefits to the citizens, but is also imposing several kinds of taxes such as-income tax, property tax, etc. The federal government of New Zealand provides such benefits with the aim to provide financial assistance to the old age citizens that is NZ Pension Increase 2024, so that they can manage their cost of living.

The government of New Zealand keeps on uploading all the relevant information at their official online portal These NZ Superannuation Rates 2024 are provided to all the eligible senior citizens of the contra, which works as their pensions where they’re not neglected with the financial imbalances.

This year, the federal government decided to make some changes in the pension amount, provided to all the eligible senior citizens of the country. These NZ Pension Increase 2024 are issued to the senior citizens, to overcome the high inflation rates over the country. In this article, we will be discussing everything about the NZ Pension Increase Amount 2024 and New Zealand Superannuation Pension Application Process 2024.

NZ Pension Increase 2024

The government of New Zealand keeps on uploading all the relevant information at their official online portal, there are several schemes launched by the government to provide financial assistance to all the eligible citizens of the country. When a person is into the earning period, the government imposes several taxes on them, but the time a person grows older the government provides pension to all the senior citizens of the country. Now, Government has announced the NZ Pension Increase 2024 as per which new amount will be $496 Per Month.

NZ Superannuation Rates 2024

Program NamePension Plan
Provided ByFederal Government
CountryNew Zealand
Age Limit65 Years And Above
NZ Superannuation Rates 2024$496 Per Month
Official Website

Eligibility To Receive New Zealand Pension 2024

On the official website of the New Zealand government at, all the necessary details regarding the NZ pension plan are available. All the readers can check the Eligibility To Receive New Zealand Pension 2024 by reading the below mentioned points. 

  • The applicant must be a permanent citizen of New Zealand.
  • The individual should be at least 65 years old or more.
  • The applicant must be logged in to MyMSD Account.
  • The receiver must have lived there for at least 10 years.

NZ Superannuation Pension Application Form 2024

All the eligible applicants might be aware that they have to submit an application form if they wish to receive their pension. The application forms are available on the official website at All the readers can also read the below explained points to fill NZ Superannuation Pension Application Form 2024 for the same.

  • Check if you are eligible to get a pension from the government. 
  • Visit the official online portal to start the process.
  • On the homepage of the website scroll down to “NZ Pension 2024 application form”.
  • Fill up all the necessary information in the application form such as- name, address, and several other details.
  • The applicants have to submit all the necessary documents after providing the mandatory information.
  • Once you have uploaded all the necessary information and documents, the applicants have to click on the submit button.

NZ Pension Increase Amount 2024

The government of New Zealand decided to increase the old age pension from the year rate 24. The pension increase will be there with the standard rates, and based upon the rising inflation in the country. Although eligible applicants will be offered the increased amount according to the qualification of the individual which may involve-Single Individuals who are receiving weekly, pension, benefits, and several other categories. All the readers are advised to check the official website for more information at We have mentioned a table below to help her readers know the NZ Pension Increase Amount 2024 which will be paid under the pension in New Zealand for the year 2024.

CategoriesNZ Pension Increase Amount 2024
Singles Receiving Weekly Pension$496
Singles With Sharing And Receiving Weekly Pension$457
Married Couple In Civil Union With Qualified Partner$381
Qualified Civil Union Couples$762

NZ Pension Payment Schedule 2024

All the eligible retirees who are going to receive the New Zealand pension with the increment amount can check all the relevant details on the official website We have attached a table below to help our readers know the NZ Pension Payment Schedule 2024.

MonthsNZ Pension Payment Dates 2024
JanuaryAfter 2nd January 2024
February13 & 27 February 2024
March12 & 26 March 2024
April9 & 23 April 2024
May7 & 21 May 2024
June4 & 18 June 2024
July2, 16 & 30 July 2024
August13 & 26 August 2024
September10 & 24 September 2024
October8 & 22 October 2024
November5 & 19 November 2024
December3, 17, 30 December 2024

FAQs On NZ Pension Increase 2024

What is the eligibility criteria to receive the pension in New Zealand?

Based upon the announcement made by the government of New Zealand, we have mentioned the eligibility criteria for pensions in New Zealand: you must be a permanent citizen and an individual should be at least 65 years old or more.

How much is paid to single individuals after NZ Pension Increase 2024?

All the individuals living in New Zealand can expect their weekly pension for approximately $496 after NZ Pension Increase 2024.

What are the next payment dates to receive the New Zealand Pension Payment 2024?

All the eligible applicants will be receiving their pension on 13th and 27th February 2024.

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