OAS Payment Increase 2024 – How Much Old Age Security Pension Increase?

The Canadian Residents of age above 65 years receive the OAS Payment as their Government benefit. The people have been receiving the money on a monthly basis and now the Government has announced the OAS Payment Increase 2024. The CPP will increase from CAD 66500 to CAD 68500 from 1 January 2024. People shall check the OAS Payment Eligibility 2024 to know if they will get the payment amount or not. People have been wondering about the details on the amount of OAS and CPP Increase 2024, When to Get OAS and CPP Increase Payment 2024. Now in this article we brought all the answers to the questions regarding the Old Age Scheme Payment Increase 2024.

OAS Payment Increase 2024

The Canadian Government provides the livelihood to the Old Aged people by providing them with the Old Age Security Pension Payment 2024 where the Canadian Pension Plan world. The people above the age of 65 are eligible to get the pension payment. The pension payment is provided on a monthly basis to the people. Earlier the payment amount was 66500 Canadian Dollars and now the Old Age Scheme Payment Increase 2024 is anticipated. The amount will increase to CAD 68500 and will be implemented from 1 January 2024.

The Consumer Price Index is used to determine the inflation and the OAS and CPP is monitored by CPI. One will get the payment whether one is employed or not. The OAS Clawback limit will rise from CAD 86912 to CAD 90997. The individuals need to have made at least 1 CPP contribution in order to get the benefits under the OAS. The earnings rate for employers will be at 5.95% and that for employees will be at 11.9% In this article we have provided all the details on the eligibility, OAS Pension Payment Dates 2024 and the other required details regarding the OAS Payment January 2024

How Much Old Age Security Pension Increase ?

Organization Canada Revenue Agency 
Payment name Old Age Security Pension Payment 2024
Age limit Above 65 years 
Frequency Monthly 
Earlier amount CAD 66500
Increased amount CAD 68500
Purpose Financial assistance 
OAS Pension Payment 2024 DateLast week of every month 
Payment modeBank transfer 
Post type Finance Category

The Old aged people of above 65 years are eligible to get the pension benefits under the OAS and from 1 January 2024, they will get an increased payment amount. The table below will provide the details on the payment increase of the OAS 2024.

Prerequisites of OAS Payment 2024

  • The Old Age Security Pension Payment 2024 is determined on the basis of the below said factors:
  • Age above 65 years
  • Income
  • How long you have lived in Canada after the age of 18 years. 

OAS Payment 2024 and Maximum Threshold Limit

Situation Income Monthly Payment 
Age 65 to 74 years CAD 134626CAD 707.68
Age 75 above CAD 137331CAD 778.45
Single, Widowed or Divorced Less than CAD 21456Up to CAD 1057.51
Have Spouse who gets OAS Full payment Less than CAD 28320Up to CAD 636.26
Have spouse who gets allowance Less than CAD 39648Up to CAD 636.26
Have spouse who doesn’t get OAS payment or Allowance Less than CAD 51408Up to CAD 1057.01
Spouse who gets full payment and are of age from 60 to 64 years Less than CAD 39648Up to 1343.94
Surviving spouse of age from 60 to 64 yearsLess than CAD 28872Up to CAD 1602.07

Old Age Security Pension 2024 Benefits 

  • Below given are the benefits under the OAS Pension 2024.
  • The payment amount to beneficiaries ranges from $691 to $760
  • One can attain financial security under the pension scheme which helps them with their livelihood.
  • The pension amount is increased once the individual attains age of 75 years.
  • The OAS payment amount gets reviewed every year by the Government as per the inflation.

OAS Pension Payment Dates 2024

Refer to the given table to get the details on the OAS Payment Dates 2024.

Month OAS Pension Payment Dates 2024
October 202327 October 2023
November 202328 November 2023
December 202320 December 2023
January 202427 January 2024

CPP and OAS Payment Increase 2024

The CPP will be increasing from CAD 66600 to CAD 68500. The rate for the employers will be 5.95% and that for the employees will be 11.9% The rates of all those who are self employed will not change at all. There will be an additional 4% benefit to the employers and the employees. The yearly maximum benefits will be up to $68500. The OAS Clawback amount will go from CAD 86912 to CAD 90997.

CPP and OAS Payment 2024 Inflation

The Consumer Price Index makes the changes to the CPP and OAS benefits. The Canadian Government is responsible for the raise or fall in the cost of living in the country. The amount of the pension which the beneficiaries get is increased in January in the years of inflation. There is at least 4% change in the rates after the inflation. 

CPP and OAS Calculator 2024

The amount of the CPP and OAS is determined at the retirement ages and using the OAS Calculator 2024. The OAS calculator can help to determine if one is eligible for the highest OAS Pension Payment 2024. The CPP benefits rise each year if you postpone your drawing age. At the age of 70, the CPP becomes 42% maximum  and the CPP benefits are decreased by 7.2% in case you have been getting the benefits before attaining the age of 65 years. 

OAS Payment January 2024

  • The OAS Payment January 2024 will be provided by 27 or 28 January 2024.
  • The Government credits the money by the last week of each month.
  • As per the previous trends, the beneficiaries used to get the payment on 27th of every month.
  • In January 2024, the beneficiaries will get OAS Payment Increase 2024 of CAD 68500.
  • The OAS Clawback amount will also get increased and the benefit will get credited directly to the bank account of the beneficiaries.
  • In case one has not applied for the pension scheme till now, one must register online and then start applying to get the benefits under the scheme.

Old Age Security Payment Status 2024

  • The individuals can check the OAS Payment Status 2024 by logging to the official website.
  • One needs to login to an MSCA account to check the Old Age Security Payment Status 2024 by providing the necessary details in it.
  • It may take at least 1-2 days for the cheque to be credited to your account.
  • One needs the Social Insurance Number to check the payment status
  • If you are unable to check the Old Age Security Payment Status 2024, you can contact the officials for the same. 

FAQs on OAS Payment Increase 2024

How much is the OAS Payment Increase 2024?

The OAS Pension Payment Increase 2024 is to CAD 68500.

What is the age limit for Old Age Security Pension Payment 2024?

The age limit for Old Age Security Pension Payment 2024 is 65 years or above. 

When will the OAS Payment Increase 2024 be implemented?

The OAS Pension Payment Increase 2024 will be implemented from 1 January 2024.

What is the purpose of OAS Pension Payment 2024?

The main benefit of OAS Pension Payment 2024 is to provide financial benefits to the individuals.

How much will the OAS Payment January 2024 be received?

The OAS Payment January 2024 will be of CAD 68500.

How can one check the OAS Payment Status 2024?

One can check the OAS Payment Status 2024 by following the steps given above.

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