ODSP Payment Dates 2024 – Eligibility Check & Know Amount Schedule

The Canadian Government is giving the financial benefits to the individuals of the Country who are earning very less. The Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024 is given to the individuals of Ontario who have no or less income. The individuals shall check the ODSP Payment Eligibility 2024 to know which all individuals will get the payment. The citizens need to apply for the Canada ODSP Payment Amount 2024 through the website ontario.ca The individuals shall know that the ODSP Payment Dates 2024 is the last date of every month and to get all the updates, one should refer to this complete article which has been given below.

ODSP Payment Dates 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency has been giving the benefits to the individuals in order to provide them with the financial support. The ones who have less or no earnings will get the benefit under the Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024. The benefit is given to the individuals to help them with the living expenses like the food, rent and other costs.

The ones who are of age 18 years or above will get the payment provided they have the disability. The beneficiaries will have to apply under this scheme and the individuals shall be registered for the financial support which is provided to the disabled ones of the Country. The rates are increased to 6.5% and the eligible ones will get $1308 per month as the financial support. The individuals will have to visit the website ontario.ca to begin with the application process. 

The ODSP Payment Dates 2024 tends to be the last date of each month and in case the individual is eligible, they will get the payment transferred directly to their bank account. The payment for the month of December 2023 has already been given on 20th December 2023 as it was Christmas Holidays.

Now from January 2024, the payment will be debited on the last date of the month only and in case the payment date is a holiday, one will get it on the previous day. The individuals will have to submit the necessary documents in order to apply. The article mentioned below will provide the details on the payment dates and the eligibility along with the other requirements. 

ontario.ca Disability Support Program Payment 2024

Article name ODSP Payment Dates 2024
Country Canada 
State Ontario 
Payment name Ontario Disability Support Program
Program type Income 
Year 2024
Beneficiaries Citizens of Ontario 
Eligibility Disabled individuals of age above 18 days 
Applicable to Ontario 
Payment dates Last date of each month 
Upcoming payment 31 January 2024
Payment frequency Monthly 
Payment mode Online 
Benefits Income support as well as the medical coverage 
Payment amount $1308
Post type Finance
Website https://www.ontario.ca/

The individuals who are living in Ontario and their age is more than 18 years and having the disability will get the benefit which is not allowing them to work. The ODSP Payment Dates 2024 can be checked through the table given above.

Canada ODSP Payment 2024

  • There are certain individuals in Ontario who are finding it difficult to work due to their disability so they will get the support by the CRA.
  • The citizens of Ontario who are of age 18 years or more and suffering from any sort of disability will get the ontario.ca Disability Support Program Payment 2024.
  • The ODSP Payment Dates 2024 are the last date of each month and it should not be a holiday.
  • The payment for the food, rent and medical expenses will be made through the direct transfer mode only.
  • The disability support program is to provide the financial support to the ones who are having the income less than the Canada ODSP Payment 2024 limit.

ODSP Payment Eligibility 2024

Check the ODSP Payment Eligibility 2024 in the points laid below.

  • The individuals shall be of age 18 years or more.
  • The individuals shall have the permanent residency of Ontario
  • The disability is protecting the individuals from working.
  • The individuals are in financial need.
  • The restrictions have been completely verified by the health care providers. 

ODSP Payment Schedule 2024

The payment to the individuals is given on the last date of each month as per ODSP Payment Schedule 2024 and in case that date is a non-working day or a public holiday, the payment date gets preponed. 

Payment month ODSP Payment Schedule 2024
January 202431-01-2024
February 202429-02-2024
March 202428-03-2024
April 202430-04-2024
May 202431-05-2024
June 202428-06-2024
July 202431-07-2024
August 202430-08-2024
September 202427-09-2024
October 202431-10-2024
November 202429-11-2024
December 2024Yet to be announced 

Documents for ODSP Payment 2024 Application

  • Social insurance number
  • OHIP Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Immigration paper
  • Tax return 
  • Bank details.

Apply Canada ODSP Payment 2024

  • Visit the website ontario.ca on your device to Apply Canada ODSP Payment 2024.
  • Click on ODSP Payment 2024 link on your device
  • Fill in all the personal details like name, DOB, status, Address, Email ID, Income and other bank details asked from you
  • Your application will first be reviewed and you will be contacted in 15 days.
  • Get you appointment verification.
  • Submit the information in the disability determination package.
  • The ODSP will review your package through the Specialized ministry.
  • If you are found eligible, the case worker will contact you and tell you the date on which you will get the payment.

ontario.ca Disability Support Program Payment 2024 Links

ODSP Payment Dates 2024Check Link 

Frequently Asked Questions on ODSP Payment Dates 2024

Who is eligible for the ODSP Payment 2024?

The Canada ODSP Payment 2024 will be given to all those individuals suffering from disability which is restraining them from work.

What are the ODSP Payment Dates 2024?

The Ontario Disability Support Payment Dates 2024 is the last date of each month.

How much is the Canada ODSP Payment 2024?

Canada Ontario Disability Support Payment 2024 is $1308.

Who will fall under the ODSP Eligibility 2024?

The individuals who are of age above 18 years will be eligible for the ODSP Payment 2024.

From where can the ODSP Payment Dates 2024 be checked?

The individuals can check the Canada ODSP Payment Dates 2024 through the website ontario.ca 

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