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The SASSA Increase 2024 is provided to the South African people by the Government to help the low income households by fulfilling their child’s financial requirement. The South African Grants Payment Increase 2024 details can be checked from the website The individuals must check the SASSA Eligibility 2024 along with the SASSA Grants Payment Status 2024. The SASSA Application Process 2024 can be checked through the article given below. In this article we have mentioned all the details on the payment increase for the Child’s grant.

SASSA Increase 2024

The South African Social Security Agency is the South African Government which was created in 2005 in order to check the Social Security System. The SASSA deals with distribution of the social grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development. The main function of SASSA is to reduce corruption and increase the service delivery for the individuals. Talking of the key function of SASSA, it deals with the payment of social grants which helps a large population of the South Africa state.

Approximately 46% people have got the SASSA Grants 2024 where the functions include the processing of the applications for the social security assistance. Distributing and the SASSA Grant 2024 Payment if grants all are related to SASSA. It may even detect the frauds. SASSA checks that the people have received the grants on time and the risk of theft has also been reduced.

The South African Government will be providing child support to the families of the low income households. The grant is needed in order to provide financial support by completing the financial needs of a child. Earlier the child granny was R510 which has been an R10 increase as compared to the previous payments. The SASSA Grants Increase 2024 has been due to the changes in cost of living, inflation and other relevant factors.

There has been uncertainty whether the SASSA Grant 2024 Payment increase will be made more in the future or not. The further details in this matter will be communicated by SASSA in the due course of the time. To stay informed, one has to refer to this complete article which will help against all the details on the South African Grants. Grants Increase 2024 Overview

For the safety of children and to fulfill their financial requirements, the SASSA Increase 2024 has been implemented. The SASSA Increase 2024 will take place on 1 December 2023. The individuals shall check the South Africa Grants 2024 Dates and the other details on the payment increase through the table given below.

Organization South African Social Security Agency
Country South Africa 
Grants name SASSA Grants 
Year 2024
Implemented by Department of Social Development 
Other grants Disability Grants Child Support
Grants Old Age Pension Grants
Social Relief Distress 
Expected SASSA Grants Increase 2024Expected to be 5%
Eligible age 18 to 60 years 
SASSA Payment amount 2024R350 to R2080
SASSA Payment Increase 2024R510
Previous payment R500
Payment mode Online 
Post type Finance

SASSA Increase 2024 January

  • The SASSA is the Agency which deals with providing the benefits to the ones who are disadvantaged and belong to the low income groups.
  • R66 billion has been set aside by the Social Government and R36 billion has to be used till 31 March 2024
  • The increase is expected to be around 5.6% and the previous payment amount was R500 which has now increased to R510.
  • The SASSA Grants Increase 2024 Amount can be checked through the tables mentioned below in the post.
  • The SASSA Grant 2024 Payment will be made available in the form of Direct deposits and the payment increase will be notified through the official website.

SASSA Increase 2024

On 1 October 2023, the old age grants which have been for the people of age from 60 to 74 years have been increased by R10 which makes it the grant value of R2080. The SASSA Grant 2024 to the people which was awarded R2100 will now get R2110 only to those seniors who are of age 75 years or above than that. For December 2024, the payment is expected to come between 18 to 22 December 2023. The rise is expected to be around 5%. 

SASSA Increase 2024 Dates

Grants name SASSA Grant 2024 Payment Dates
Old Age Pension Grants1 December 2023
Disability Grants 4 December 2023
SASSA Child Grant Increase 20245 December 2023

South Africa Grants 2024 Dates

Grants name SASSA Grant 2024 Payment Dates
Old Age Pension Grants3 January 2024
Disability Grants 4 January 2024
SASSA Child Grant Increase 20245 January 2024 Grants Increase 2024 Amounts

  • The below mentioned are the SASSA Amounts 2024.
  • The people above the age of 75 years will get R2105 and those below the age limit will get R1985
  • The veterans of war will get the amount of R2105 after the rise from R2005
  • The disability grants will rise to R2085
  • The care dependency grant will increase to R2085

SASSA Child Grant Increase 2024

  • The SASSA Child Support Grants 2024 will take a rise of R10 making the new payment of R510
  • The foster child grant will rise to R1130
  • The new amount for the Child Care Dependency is R2090
  • The child support Top Up will remain unchanged at R250.
  • The grants will take a rise of R10 only and in case there will be more changes, the individuals will be notified soon.

South Africa Grant 2024 Eligibility

  • To become eligible under the SASSA Grant 2024, both the child and parents shall have to meet the financial SASSA Eligibility 2024 standards.
  • If it is a single individual then the income shall not exceed R52800
  • The combined income for Couples shall not be more than R105600
  • The child for whom the grant is taken shall be of age below 18 years
  • The payment will not be given to more than 6 children who are not biologically related to the caregiver. Grants Increase 2024 Payment

The ones who are eligible will be getting the monthly payment of R510 per child which will include R500 along with R250 as the additional payment. The grants will be provided through various methods like cash, electronic deposits, or through financial institutions. It is crucial to inform them that the SASSA will make changes to it and it can impact the grant. The reviews may be conducted by SASSA to ensure the South Africa Grant 2024 Eligibility. In case a child is not under the care of the beneficiaries, then the grants will get suspended. 

SASSA Grants 2024 Collection

The Grant beneficiaries often get worried on where to collect their grants. The Grants Increase 2024 can be collected through ATM’s, Retail Stores, Post Offices Branches or Mobile Pay cash app.

The SRD Grant and Child Care Grant can be collected through the bank transfers through SASSA card or through Cash Send. SASSA Grant will help to assist you with various benefits. Grants Increase 2024 Links

SASSA Increase 2024Payment Link 

Frequently Asked Questions on SASSA Increase 2024

What is the SASSA Grant 2024?

The SASSA Grants 2024 is the financial aid which is provided to the people living below the poverty line to help them with children’s financial requirements.

How much will the SASSA Grants Increase 2024?

The SASSA Grants Increase 2024 will be R10 which will be made available very soon.

What will be the new SASSA Grant 2024 Payment?

The new SASSA Grant 2024 Payment is R510.

What are the SASSA Increase 2024 Dates?

The SASSA Increase 2024 Dates can be checked through the table given above.

What is the mode of SASSA Grants 2024 Collection?

The Grants Increase 2024 can be collected through ATM’s, Retail Stores, Post Offices Branches or Mobile Pay cash app.

Through which website can one get the details on the SASSA Increase 2024?

The details on SASSA Increase 2024 can be collected through

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