Social Grant Dates 2024 – SASSA Payment Status, Amount Date

The SASSA or the Social Grants 2024 is provided to the people of South Africa by the Government to help the low income group people by fulfilling their child’s financial requirement along with their disability needs. The Social Grant Dates 2024 will be from 3 January 2024 and one can check the same through the website The recipients must check the Social Grant Eligibility 2024 along with the SASSA Grants Payment Status 2024 to get the details regarding their payment.

The SASSA Grants Date 2024 Factors affect the SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 2024 and the same have been mentioned in the article given below. You must check the details regarding the social grants which we have mentioned in this article below.

Social Grant Dates 2024

The South African Social Security Agency SASSA is the South African Government’s Agency being established in 2005 in order to check the Social Security System of the Country. The SASSA deals with the key function where the social grants are distributed to the people on behalf of the Department of Social Development. The SASSA helps to decrease corruption and in return increase the service delivery for the individuals. The Grant Payment Status 2024 of social grants helps a large population of the South Africa state by providing them with the benefits of the children’s financial requirements, disability benefits, and old age requirements.

People have been wondering as to when they will get the Social Grants 2024 and the answer to this question can be checked through the following table. The ensures that the payments are provided to the people on time and there is no theft in the payment.

The SASSA Grant Dates 2024 can be checked through the article given below for the year 2024. The grant amount was earlier R500 which then increased to R510 and now the people will get the increased amount of the grants. When it comes to the SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 2024 of the grants, it may be affected by the public holidays, system maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. Now in this article we have mentioned all the details regarding the Grant Payment Status 2024 which has been released on the official website of the SASSA. Social Grant Dates 2024

To help the people belonging to the low income groups with disability, children’s requirements or other requirements, the SASSA offers grants to the individuals living in South Africa. The Social Grant Dates 2024 have been provided in the article given below and the individuals shall check the dates from the tables mentioned. 

Organization South African Social Security Agency
Country South Africa 
Grants name Social Grants 
Year 2024
Grants Implemented by Department of Social Development 
Other grants Disability GrantsChild Support GrantsOld Age Pension GrantsSocial Relief Distress 
Expected increase in Grants Expected to be 5%
Eligible age 18 to 60 years 
Social Grants Payment amount R350 to R2080
Social Grants Payment Increase R510
Previous payment R500 Grant Payment Status 2024 Mode Online 
SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 20243 January 2024 onwards for the Old Aged people
Post type Finance

SASSA Grant Dates 2024

  • The SASSA is the South African Agency which provides the benefits to the individuals belonging to the low income groups. 
  • The Grants benefit the ones who are elderly, children and the ones with the disability. 
  • The Grants are distributed to more than 16 million people in a single month and they get the same through direct deposits. 
  • The grants get disbursed to the people without any type of Social means. 
  • The Grants are of 3 types: Children Grants, Disability Grants and Older Persons Grants. 

SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 2024

You must check the table below to know the dates on the Social Grant Dates 2024.

Month Older Persons Grants Disability GrantsChildren Grants
December 20231 December 20234 December 20235 December 2023
January 20243 January 20244 January 20245 January 2024
February 20242 February 20245 February 20246 February 2024
March 20245 March 20246 March 20247 March 2024

SASSA Grants Date 2024 Factors

  • There are certain factors which may affect the SASSA Grant Dates 2024.
  • If the payment date falls on the Public day, the day when the Banks and the Government offices are closed, the Social Grant Dates 2024 are affected.
  • The maintenance of the SASSA system may lead to the change in the payment dates.
  • Unforeseen circumstances like natural disaster, system failure or other emergency may affect the payment dates.
  • One must keep in mind that the payment will come either one day before the due date or a day after the payment date. 

Social Grant Eligibility 2024

  • The individual shall be eligible to follow the Social Grant Dates 2024.
  • If the recipient is a single individual then their income shall not exceed R52800
  • R105600 or less shall be the combined income for the couples. 
  • The old aged ones shall be of age less than 60 years. 
  • The individuals shall be with disabilities.
  • Foster children or Veterans of War.

Social Grant Amount 2024

Refer to the table below to know the details on the SASSA Grants 2024.

Particulars Amount 
Age limit under 75 years R2080
Seniors age 75 years R2100
Grants for disability R2080
Grants for children R500

Manage Social Grants Payment 2024

The following ways can be used to manage the SASSA Grants Payments 2024.

  • Create a budget to manage the Grants accordingly
  • Keep the money aside for unexpected emergencies
  • Keep a track of all the expenses and review them on regular basis
  • Consult a financial advisor to maintain all the records
  • Report changes in case of the emergency circumstances. 

How To Check Social Grant Payment Status 2024

  • Open the website on your device
  • On the homepage, click on Social Grant Payment Status 2024 tab
  • Fill in the details like the application id and phone number
  • Click on check status and the Grant Payment Status 2024 will get previewed on your device
  • Now look for the Social Grant Payment Status 2024 and keep it saved on your device for future references.

Social Grant 2024 Issues

  • There are certain issues which make the changes in the Social Grant Dates 2024.
  • Incorrect payment amount which one may get has to be corrected by the SASSA shall not display the Grant Payment Status 2024.
  • In case of the delayed payments, one must wait patiently and this case may be due to public holidays
  • In case you have lost any of your cards, you can contact the SASSA immediately.
  • If the personal or financial circumstances changes one must contact the SASSA immediately
  • The ones who may face difficulty with the payment method may contact the SASSA immediately. Social Grant Dates 2024 Links

SASSA Grant Dates 2024Check Dates

Frequently Asked Questions On Social Grant Dates 2024

What is the Social Grant 2024?

The Social Grants 2024 is the financial aid which is provided to the people of South Africa living below the poverty line to help them with children’s financial requirements.

What is the SASSA Grant Dates 2024?

The Social Grant Dates 2024 is 3rd January 2024 for the old age person and 4th January 2024 for the disability benefits.

What can be the reason for the change in the SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 2024?

The reason for the change in the SASSA Grant Dates 2024 can be a public holiday or unforeseen situation.

What is the amount of Social Grants 2024 for children?

R500 is the amount of Social Grants 2024 for children.

How can one check the Social Grant Payment Status 2024?

One can check the Social Grant Payment Status 2024 through the steps mentioned above in the post.

From which website can I get the details on the SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 2024?

You can get the details on the SASSA Social Grant Payment Date 2024 through the website

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