SOCSO 2024 Payment Date – PERKESO Benefits Schedule Released

Social Security Organization SOCSO, which is also known as PERKESO, was officially formed under the employees. Social Security. In 1969, which was a government department of the Ministry of Labor and Manpower on the first January 1971. PERKESO is an organization which protects Malaysian employees, in accordance with the Employee’s Social Security Act 1969. This act requires all its employers in Malaysia, to register their business, as well as to register their employees with SOCSO. 

You should check SOCSO 2024 Payment Date in this post and then claim your benefits. Make sure you check SOCSO Payment Schedule 2024 and then get the benefits accordingly. Citizens and Employees should not miss the SOCSO Payment Due Date 2024 otherwise benefits will be affected. There are several PERKESO Benefits 2024 which you must claim if you are registered under this program.

SOCSO 2024 Payment Date

The due date for the payment of SOCSO/PERKESO by both employer and the employee is on the last day of every month, otherwise the default has to pay the late fee along with the actual charges. Everyone has to pay the SOCSO payment on time in order to avoid any kind of late fees. You should check the Month Wise SOCSO 2024 Payment Date in this post below.

SOCSO Payment Schedule 2024

Check the SOCSO Payment Schedule 2024 in the table below.

MonthSOCSO Payment Schedule 2024
January31 January 2024
February1st March 2024
March1st April 2024
April30th April 2024
May24th May 2024
June11th June 2024
July1st August 2024
August30th August 2024
September1st October 2024
October25th October 2024
November29th November 2024
December19th December 2024
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SOCSO Eligibility 2024 

To meet the SOCSO Eligibility 2024, one must fulfill the following requirements: The person must be above 62 years of age. Check other points related to SOCSO Eligibility 2024 in this section.

  • 10 years of employment 
  • Spouse of eligible worker 
  • Ex-spouse should be married upto 10 years 
  • Survivor 
  • If one is eligible with above mentioned Categories then he/she can apply 

PERKESO Benefits 2024 

All the citizens should beware of PERKESO Benefits 2024 which we have mentioned here. PERKESO/ SOCSO provides several benefits to the citizens paying the tax. Here are several benefits under different schemes, all the PERKESO Benefits 2024 are mentioned as under: 

  • Medical Benefits 
  • Benefit of Temporary Disablement 
  • Benefit of Permanent Disablement 
  • Constant-Attendance Allowance 
  • Facilitates for Physical/Vocational Rehabilitation 
  • Benefits to dependent family members 
  • Funeral Benefit 
  • Benefit of Education 
  • Invalid Pension 
  • Invalid Grant 
  • Attendance Allowance 
  • Pension of Survivors 

How to Check SOCSO Payment Due Date 2024?

The details about SOCSO Payment Due Date 2024 has already been declared which is to be paid on the last day of every month. Such as 31st January 2024, 1st March 2024 and so on. The taxpayers must know the exact date for the payment of fees. The dates are to be well known by the employer as well as the employee who must pay the charges. One must pay it on time and before the deadline. It is compulsory to pay the required fee on time and before the SOCSO Payment Due Date 2024 and in a proper manner. 

Instructions To Claim SOCSO Benefits 2024

If anyone wants to Claim SOCSO Benefits 2024, in that case your employer’s HR department can help for more details one can contact them for further information. 

Until the HR department will be helping it is very important that one must know the process to claim SOCSO. 

For some cases of job – related inquiries, employees, themselves, or their family members may want to get the claim process started as soon as it can be.

Moreover, a deep understanding about the claiming process may help them tremendously and reduce the chances of claims being denied. Below are some important steps that one must know in order to increase their SOCSO claim success rate.

SOCSO Application 2024 : Documents Required

For those who are doing SOCSO Application 2024 first time for medical benefits, compulsory documents for submission are

  • Accident report form or
  • occupational disease report form 
  • Claims form. 
  • Employer’s identification letter. 
  • Work, attendance record 
  • Medical leave certificate. 
  • Employee’s identity card 

Additional documents are to be attached in order to receive reimbursement for non-– SOCSO panel treatment. The documents should be filled and submitted to the employee’s SOCSO office, and the rate of reimbursement shall be determined by SOCSO. Some extra documents are mentioned below.

  • Reimbursement travel claim form. 
  • Reimbursement payment claim report 
  • Receipt of treatment 
  • Appointment card 
  • Medical report 

It is very essential to know that once a doctor proves and certifies that an employee is unfit to work for a minimum of four days, he, or she would be qualified for temporary disability benefit. Which means that the employee will receive the monetary payments during the period when the person is unable to work. One must be aware of the whole process of payment. 

FAQ’s on SOCSO 2024 Payment Date

How To Check SOCSO 2024 Payment Date?

We have mentioned SOCSO Payment Schedule 2024 in this post.

How many schemes are included in SCOSO? 

PERKESO/SOCSO includes two schemes Employment Injury Scheme and Invalidity Scheme.

Is it mandatory to pay on a monthly basis? 

Yes, it is mandatory to pay on a monthly basis as per PERKSO Payment Due Date 2024.

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