SSDI Payment Dates 2024 – Know Eligibility, Amount & Claim Online

The United States Government provides various benefits to the disabled citizens in the country. All those who have applied for this program should check SSDI Payment Dates 2024 as per which payment will be given to them. If you have not applied for this program then you should check SSDI Payment Eligibility 2024 and then proceed to claim the benefits. Here, we have mentioned instructions to Claim SSDI Payment 2024 which will be helpful for you.

SSDI Payment Dates 2024

The government of the United States tries to help the citizens who are financially weak, or are disabled in several ways. Basically, the SSDI program represents Social Security disability insurance payments for all the eligible applicants living in the United States. Social Security Disability Insurance is introduced by the US government for the disabled citizens who are unable to work somewhere due to their disability. 

In this article, we will be discussing the eligibility criteria of SSDI, amount paid to the disabled citizens of the US, Social Security payment schedule, and all other details which are relevant details with the aim to help the readers understand the topic. It is very important for the readers to know that the payments will be given on a monthly basis. These payments will be transferred directly into the bank account of the holder as per SSDI Payment Dates 2024.

SSDI Payments 2024

SSBI is a social security program which was introduced for providing financial help to the disabled citizens of the United States. Basically, SSDI represents Social Security Disability Insurance. The disabled citizens of the United States who are unable to work anywhere can easily apply for these benefits. 

Here in this article, all the readers can get to learn about the details related to the Social Security Disability Insurance. The citizens of the US who are unable to work under an organization due to their disability can apply for this SSDI Payments 2024 based upon the eligibility criteria declared by the government. Based upon the requirements and the eligibility criteria the citizens will be getting their SSDI Payments 2024 directly into their bank accounts. 

SSDI Payment Schedule 2024

Title SSDI Payment Dates 2024
Organization Social Security Administration
Name Of The Program Social Security Disability Insurance
Applicable For Disabled Citizens Of US
Country America
Minimum Amount $1,760
SSDI Payment Schedule 2024Check Below
Contact Number1-800-772-1213
Official Website 

SSDI Payment Eligibility 2024

All the individuals who wish to apply for Social Security disability insurance must meet the SSDI Payment Eligibility 2024 declared by the government of the United States. All the readers can check the SSDI Payment Eligibility 2024 by reading the points mentioned below.

  • Disabilities-the person who wished to get the benefits under SSDI program must have a severe medical condition, expected to last at least one year or until death. The condition of the applicant must limit the ability to work somewhere. 
  • Work activities- The Wonder Social Security, covered jobs recently strengthen the case of the applicant. 
  • Work history- The individual must have earned enough amount as their work credits, usually it is 40 in total with 20 in the past 10 years. The younger candidates or employees might qualify with less credits. 
  • Application procedure- The applicant is supposed to complete an application form with all the medical evidence. The Social Security administration must review and approve your application form in order to receive the payment under this program. 

How to Claim SSDI Payment 2024 @

All the citizens who wish to get the payments under the SSDI program from the government of the United States, are supposed to fill up the application form. All the readers are advised to read the steps mentioned below, in order to Claim SSDI Payment 2024 @

  • First of all, the applicants have to visit these Social Security Administration, official online portal to Claim SSDI Payment 2024.
  • On the homepage of the official website, the candidates have to scroll down to the “Apply For Disability Benefits” and then the applicants are requested to follow. The prompts mentioned over there. 
  • The next step, the applicants are supposed to create their online account if they are not having one.
  • Next, the applicants have to answer some questions asked over there about the disability, work, history, medical conditions, and several other details. In the final step, the applicants have to upload their supporting documents, which certifies your disability. 
  • The applicants can also apply for receiving the payments under these benefits by calling on the Social Security administration number at 1-800-772-1213. 
  • After calling on this number, their representative will guide you in order to complete the application process over the phone call. 

SSDI Payment Amount 2024

The Social Security disability insurance amount for the year 2024 totally depends upon the applicant’s circumstances. All the readers are requested to check the below mentioned table in order to know the SSDI Payment Amount 2024 provided by the respective authorities. 

Type of ApplicantSSDI Payment Amount 2024
Average Monthly Benefits$1760
Maximum Monthly Benefits$3820
Married Couple (One Receiving SSDI Benefits)$5732
Married Couple (Both Receiving SSDI Benefits)$7645
Family Having One Child$4775

Please Note that the above mentioned payments are monthly payments which will be paid under SSDI. 

SSDI Payment Dates 2024 Full Schedule

All the eligible citizens of America, who will be receiving the payments under SSDI in the year 2024 must be aware of the SSDI Payment Dates 2024 Full Schedule. The payments schedule for the month of January 2024 is mentioned below. 

10 January 2024 – if the applicant’s birthday lies between 1st– 10th dates of the month. 17 January 2024 – if the applicant’s birthday lies between 11th–20th date of their birthday month. 

24 January 2024- is the applicant’s birthday lies between the 21st–31st date of their birthday month.

FAQs On SSDI Payment Dates 2024

What Is SSDI? 

SSDI is a program launched by the US government with the aim to help the disabled citizens suffering from financial crises. 

What is the contact number of SSA? 

The individuals can contact the Social Security Administration on 1-800-772-1213.

What is the minimum monthly amount paid to SSDI receivers?

The minimum monthly amount to be paid under SSDI is $1.760.

What Is the official online portal to submit the application form?

All the eligible applicants can visit the official online portal in order to submit the application form.

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