UK Finance Dates 2024 – Tax Payment Deadlines, Check Changes

There are a number of important deadlines and dates for the UK financial year 2023–24 that must be fulfilled in order to guarantee compliance as per UK Finance Dates 2024 and prevent fines. Among these due dates are for energy bills, national insurance, self-assessment, rail fares, fuel duty, National living wages, Council tax, childcare, water bill, Television License, Air passenger Duty, Energy Price cap etc.

Taxpayers should keep in mind the following helpful tips to prevent missing deadlines and penalties: use a calendar or reminder system to keep track of UK Tax Payment Dates 2024; ensure that your payroll software is current and capable of handling changes for the new tax year; familiarize yourself with the requirements for each type of deadline; maintain accurate records of all payroll transactions and correspondence with HMRC; and, if you have any questions about payroll processing or compliance, consult a qualified accountant or payroll provider. Keep reading this article to get a glance about UK Tax Dates 2024 including tax payment deadlines and energy cap price changes. 

UK Finance Dates 2024

For the UK financial year 2023–2024, there are several crucial dates and deadlines that need to be met in order to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Energy bills, national insurance, self-assessment, train fares, fuel duty, national living wages, council tax, daycare, water bill, television license, air passenger duty, energy price cap, etc. are among the things that have UK Finance Dates 2024.

UK Tax Payment Dates 2024

The UK financial year, which determines the deadlines for filing tax returns, making tax payments, and receiving refunds, is an important part of the nation’s tax system. It’s essential to keep in mind these dates to avoid paying penalties for late tax filing as per UK Tax Payment Dates 2024.

Month UK Tax Payment Dates 2024Name of the Tax Payment
January 1st January, 2024Energy Bills
6th January, 2024National Insurance
31st January, 2024 Self Assessment 
March5th March, 2024Rail Fares
6th March, 2024Budget 
23rd March, 2024Fuel Duty
April1st April, 2024National living wages
Council Tax
TV License
Water Bill
Air passenger duty
Fuel Duty
Energy Price Cap
6th April, 2024National Insurance
Dividend and capital gains tax
ISA Changes
8th April, 2024State pensions and benefits 
May              —Election
June              —Banknotes
July1st July, 2024Energy Bills
31st July, 2024Payment on account deadline 
August1st August, 2024Alcohol duty 
September 1st September, 2024 Childcare
10th September, 2024 State pension 
October 1st October, 2024Energy Bills 
16th October, 2024 State pension and benefits 
31st October, 2024Self Assessment
December 17th December, 2024Election
31st December, 2024Bus Fares

Energy Price Cap Changes 2024

The energy price cap guarantees that rates are reasonable and accurately represent the cost of energy for those on default energy tariffs. Every three months, the energy level is modified to account for variations in inflation and underlying costs. Beneficiaries’ overall bill, which is determined by their energy use, is not limited by the energy price restriction.

Their energy cost will vary depending on how they pay for their energy, where they reside, the kind of meter they have, and how much they use. The Energy Price Cap Changes 2024 ceiling is set at £1,928 per year from £1834 for a typical home using gas and electricity between January 1, 2024, and March 31, 2024 and are paid by Direct Debit Transfer.

Energy Price Cap Amount 2023-24

TypeEnergy Price Cap Amount 2023-24 (2023)Energy Price Cap Amount 2023-24 (2024)
Price Cap Level £1834£1928
Amount beneficiaries can Pay£1834£1928

Energy Price Cap Dates 2024

Under Energy Price Cap 2024 there are three energy levels whose Energy Price Cap Dates 2024 are as follows:

Level Energy Price Cap Dates 2024Released by
11st April, 2024 to 30th June, 202423rd February, 2024
21st July, 2024 to 30th September, 202428th May, 2024
31st October, 2024 to 31st December, 202427th August, 2024

FAQs On UK Finance Dates 2024

Which are the deadline dates for the taxpayers to pay the Energy Bill?

The deadline dates for the taxpayers to pay the Energy Bill is 1st January 2024, 1st July 2024 and 1st October 2024.

What is the deadline for paying the national insurance?

The deadline for paying the national insurance is 6th January 2024 and 6th April 2024.

What is the last date for the taxpayers to pay the self-assessment tax?

The last dates for the taxpayers to pay the self-assessment tax is 31st January 2024 and 31st October 2024. 

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