UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024 – Know LHA Eligibility & Monthly Basis

The UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024-25 are issued by the Secretary of States under the United Kingdom Government in April 2024 to provide the financial support to the renters in affording the house rent. This article gives the overall UK LHA Rates 2024 of all the states included in the scheme on the basis of type of house, so keep reading. You must check UK Local Housing Allowance Eligibility 2024 and Process to Claim UK Local Housing Allowance 2024 which we have discussed in this post.

UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024-25

Scheme NameLocal Housing Allowance 
Organized by Secretary of States
Headed by UK Government 
CountryUnited Kingdom
UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024-25Discussed Below

UK Local Housing Allowance Eligibility 2024

  • Check the points below to know about UK Local Housing Allowance Eligibility 2024.
  • First of all, you must be the resident of United Kingdom.
  • You must have registered with Local LHA Authority to claim the Benefit.
  • Check your type of property before applying for Local Housing Allowance in United Kingdom.

UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024-25 on Monthly Basis

UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024
UK Local Housing Allowance Rates 2024

Wolverhampton Local Housing Allowance Rates from 1 April 2024

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be paid to people renting private accommodation (with some exceptions). DirectGov offers an LHA Bedroom Calculator to help with this.

Typically, Housing Benefit under the LHA scheme is paid directly to the tenant. However, payments can be made directly to the landlord if the tenant is vulnerable or is unable or unlikely to pay their rent.

To find out which LHA rate applies to your area and calculate the amount you’re entitled to, visit the rent service website. You can also check the current LHA rates. If you already know your area, you can view rates effective from April 1, 2024.

Number of roomsWeeklyMonthly 
Shared room rate £73.64£319.98
1 bedroom£113.92£495.01
2 bedroom£143.84£625.02
3 bedroom£172.60£749.99
4 bedroom£212.88£925.01

Local Housing Allowance claimed by people living in the Oxford area will be based on these rates.

Number of Bedrooms£ per week£ per month
Room in Shared Accommodation118.87516.52
1 Bedroom178.36775.02
2 Bedrooms210.00912.50
3 Bedrooms253.151100.00
4 Bedrooms364.771585.01
Number of Bedrooms£ per week£ per month
Room in Shared Accommodation126.58550.02
1 Bedroom207.12899.99
2 Bedrooms258.901124.98
3 Bedrooms304.931324.99
4 Bedrooms402.741750.00

Local housing allowance rate

April 2024 to March 2025

Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA)Outer South West London (152) weeklyInner West London (159) weeklyOuter West London (160) weekly
Main areas within BRMA*HanworthChiswick, BrentfordFeltham, Hounslow, Isleworth, Osterley, Heston
Share accommodation£136.13£174.90£132.63
One bedroom£276.16£310.68£230.14
Two bedrooms£344.05£373.97£299.18
Three bedrooms£414.25£471.78£339.45
Four bedrooms£586.85£586.85£414.25

Calculating monthly rates

To calculate the monthly Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate, follow these steps:

  1. Multiply the weekly LHA figure by 52 to get the annual amount.Example: £299.18 x 52 = £15,557.36 per year
  2. Divide the annual amount by 12 to find the monthly allowance.Example: £15,557.36 / 12 = £1,296.45 per calendar month

It’s important to note that the specific LHA rate for your household depends on the number of bedrooms required as per LHA regulations and the Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA) where you reside.

How to Claim UK Housing Allowance 2024-25 

Beneficiaries have the option to Claim UK Housing Allowance 2024-25 from the Local Housing Authorities in their locality by personally visiting their offices. This method allows individuals to directly interact with the housing authority staff and gather all the necessary information and documents required for their housing needs. In person claiming of the Local Housing Allowance 2024-25 also enables individuals to have a better understanding of the available housing programs and services. They can ask questions, clarify doubts, and receive detailed explanations about the eligibility criteria, application process, and any other requirements.

FAQs On UK LHA Rates 2024

Who has issued the UK LHA Rates 2024?

The secretary of each State of the United Kingdom issued the UK LHA Rates 2024.

What is the Shared accommodation LHA Rate of Cambridge for the year 2024-25?

The Shared accommodation LHA Rate of Cambridge for the year 2024-25 is £526.34

How many state’s Local housing allowance Rate 2024-25 are issued by the UK Government?

The UK Government issued Local housing allowance Rate 2024-25 for a total 215 cities in the United Kingdom.

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