VA Disability Pay Chart 2024 – Know Rates, Amount & Payment Dates

The VA Disability Pay Chart 2024 has now been released officially and the individuals shall check the details through the website. The disability varies from 10-20%, 30 to 60% and 70 to 100%. The payment amount will be different for the type of the dependents. The individuals need to check the Veterans Disability Eligibility 2024 before they get the payment. The amount differs with the nature of the disability the individual is having. The article given below will tell you all the details on the Disability Pay Chart 2024 which has been released on the website.

VA Disability Pay Chart 2024

USA is continuously giving the citizens various benefits which are financial and out of those benefits one is the VA Disability Benefits 2024. It is a tax free payment which is given to the citizens in order to give them support in case they are suffering from any sort of disability and are Veterans. The benefit which the individual is entitled to get is dependent upon the degree of the disability the individual is having and the category of the dependents.

The ones who are having a spouse or children will get more benefit than those who are single individuals. Only the Veterans or the members of Royal American Police will get the benefit under this program. The person will fall under the VA Disability Eligibility 2024 only if their problem is related to the service. 

The individuals shall first check the Disability Pay Chart 2024 to know how much they are entitled to get as the benefit. The payment is given on the first day of the next month and in case it is a holiday, one will get the benefit transferred on the last date of the prior month. To get the benefits, one has to first apply for the same through their mail id. The application can be submitted either way through My VAC Portal or through the mail.

The ones who will be getting VA Disability Benefits 2024 shall refer to the article given below which will guide on the pay chart, application, VA Disability Payment Date 2024 and other related details which is most helpful for one to get the necessary elements at one place only. Disability Benefit 2024

The citizens of USA who are suffering from disability will get the payment as per the VA Disability Pay Chart 2024. In order to get the benefits, the individual shall be the Veterans and shall be serving in the Department. The given table below will provide you with all the details on the VA Disability Benefits 2024 which one is entitled to get. 

Benefit name Veterans Disability Benefit 
Country United Stated Of America
Veterans Disability Eligibility 2024Veterans 
Application mode Online and offline 
Amount Mentioned below
VA Disability Payment Date 2024Last date of each month
Payment frequency Monthly 
Payment mode Online 
Post type Finance

Veterans Disability Eligibility 2024

  • The individuals who are American Armed Force Members or Veterans are eligible for the tax free payment.
  • The Veterans who have become sick while serving the Military.
  • Veteran suffering from illness or injury which became worse at the time of service
  • Veterans having the service connected disability which have not appeared while separating from the service.

VA 10% to 20% Disability 2024

Percentage Rate 

Veterans Disability Benefit 30% to 60%

Dependent 30%40%50%60%
Single Veteran $524.31$755.28$1075.16$1361.88
Veteran with Spouse $586.31$838.28$1179.16$1486.88
Veteran with Spouse and 1 child $632.31$899.28$1255.16$1577.88
Single Veteran with child$565.31$810.28$1144.16$1444.88
Additional child of age less than 18 years $31$41$51$62
Additional school child of age more than 18 years$100$133$167$200
Additional amount for disabled spouse $57$76$95$114 Disability 2024 70% to 100%

Dependent 70%80%90%100%
Single Veteran $1716.28$1995.01$2241.91$3737.85
Veteran with Spouse $1861.28$21361.01$2428.91$3946.25
Veteran with Spouse and 1 child $1968.28$2283.01$2565.91$4098.87
Single Veteran with child$1813.28$2106.01$2366.91$3877.22
Additional child of age less than 18 years $72$82$93$103.55
Additional school child of age more than 18 years$234$267$301$334.49
Additional amount for disabled spouse $134$153$172$191.14

Veterans Disability Benefit 2024 30% to 60% With Dependant Parents

Dependant status 30%40%50%60%
Veteran with one parent $574.31$821.28$1158.16$1461.88
Veteran with 2 parents $624.31$887.28$1241.16$1561.88
Veteran with one parent and child$615.31$876.28$1227.16$1544.88
Veteran with two parents and child$665.31$942.28$1310.16$1644.88
Veterans with spouse, one parent and child $682.31$965.28$1338.16$1677.88
Veteran with spouse, two parents and child $732.31$1301.28$1421.16$1777.88

VA 70% to 100% Disability 2024 with Dependent Parents

Dependant status 70%80%90%100%
Veteran with one parent $1833.28$2128.01$2391.91$3905.11
Veteran with 2 parents $1950.28$2261.01$2541.91$4072.37
Veteran with one parent and child$1930.28$2239.01$2516.91$4044.48
Veteran with two parents and child$2047.28$2372.01$2666.91$4211.74
Veterans with spouse, one parent and child $2085.28$2416.01$2715.91$4266.13
Veteran with spouse, two parents and child $2202.28$2549.01$2865.91$4433.39

VA Disability Payment Date 2024

The payment for a particular month is given on the 1st date of the next month and one will get the payment through the direct transfer. In case the first date is a holiday, it will be given on the last date of that particular month.

Month VA Disability Payment Date 2024
January 1 February 2024
February 1 March 2024
March 1 April 2024
April 1 May 2024
May 31 May 2024
June 1 July 2024
July 1 August 2024
August 30 August 2024
September 1 October 2024
October 1 November 2024
November 29 November 2024
December 31 December 2024 Disability Pay Chart 2024 Links

VA Disability Pay Chart 2024Check Here

Frequently Asked Questions on VA Disability Pay Chart 2024

Who is getting the VA Disability Benefits 2024?

The VA Disability Benefits 2024 are given to the Veterans who have served the military.

What is the VA Disability Amount 2024?

The Veterans Disability Amount 2024 can be checked through the table above.

What is the minimum % of disability for the benefit?

The minimum 10% of the disability is needed to get the benefit.

What is the VA Disability Payment Date 2024?

The Veterans Disability Payment Date 2024 is the 1st date of the next month.

Where is the Disability Pay Chart 2024 given?

The VA Disability Pay Chart 2024 is given on the website

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